The End of All Things

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Olivia Really Lights Up The Room

Meanwhile, the other Nina is back in the room with Olivia, who apologizes that Nina's going through this, and Nina assures her that's pretty much entirely the fault of that psychopath Jones. "William fired him because he was unhinged," she points out, and urges Olivia not to give in. Olivia doesn't want Jones to keep torturing Nina, though. But she's got the beginnings of a plan: since Cortexiphan is based on emotion -- for Olivia, its fear for the people she loves. But because of the Cortexiphan, she can't remember certain aspects of her relationship with Nina, and without that connection, she can't do what Jones wants. Nina's all, "I don't understand -- you don't remember our life together?" Oh Olivia, that hurts more than any electrical current ever could!

Olivia says she remembers, but she needs Nina to help her feel it, help her remember the details and what they mean to each other. She suggests Nina tell her a story, like the first day that she and Rachel came to live with her. Smells like a test to me! Nina tells her that a social worker brought the two of them up from Jacksonville on a train, where she met them at Penn Station. "You really don't remember?" she asks Olivia. Olivia says she thinks she remembers the train and urges her to keep going. Nina says she brought them home to their old house in the Catskills. Olivia picks it up and starts talking about how she couldn't sleep that night, so Nina came into her room and sat with her. She can't remember what they talked about, though. Nina says she was scared, because of what she'd been through, coming to a new home with a woman that she barely knew.

"And I kept calling you 'Ms. Sharp,'" she says. Nina laughs and tells Olivia that she comforted her and told her they were a family now and that whatever happens, they have each other. Then she kissed Olivia on the forehead. "I kissed you goodnight and you called me 'Nina' -- that was the first time you'd ever done that," she says. Olivia's looking at her, seeming like she doesn't remember, and it's upsetting to her. Or just maybe there's another reason why Olivia looks sad right now. She tells Nina that she can only remember fragments: "It's like looking at a photo album of somebody else's life," says Olivia, who's resigning herself to the fact that this isn't going to work. She doesn't want them to keep hurting Nina, but the only person that this has ever worked with is Peter. Nina, suddenly all clear-eyed, is all, "Peter Bishop?" Olivia explains that her abilities have only ever worked when she's been around Peter.

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