The End of All Things

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Olivia Really Lights Up The Room

Nina suddenly howling in pain, clutching her stomach, to the point that Olivia bangs on the door until the hired goons come in. "She needs medical attention now," she tells them. The sidekick looks at the two of them skeptically, and Olivia says that he can tell his boss that if she dies, his leverage dies. So Buddy orders one of the henchmen to bring the gurney and they wheel Nina away. They're not far down the hall when Nina opens her eyes, sits up and grabs a glass of water from the... full water cooler in the abandoned school or hospital or whatever this is?

Jones strolls around the corner and Nina tells him that Olivia needs Peter Bishop. "Apparently, she can't be activated unless he's present," she says. Jones says somehow he knew Peter would be trouble. Yeah, it's the stubble.

Meanwhile, back at the Harvard lab, Broyles has arrived and tells them about this guy showing up at the opera house while Peter and Lincoln were on the other side, talking about seeing all possible futures and Olivia dying in every one. Nobody points out that unless some of those futures involve people becoming immortal, then everyone dies in all possible futures. Walter figures that if the Observer exists "out of time" as Peter said, maybe weeks ago at the opera house he was referring to events that are happening now. And Peter picks that up and wonders if maybe the Observer knows where Olivia is. Walter supposes that's possible, but the bad news is that September has gone into septic shock, his organs are shutting down one by one, and there's nothing anyone can do for him now.

While Peter thinks about that, Astrid comes in to say HQ found a match on the guy in Olivia's apartment, because of course they did. His name is Leland Spivey, and his last known address was an apartment in Deerfield. Broyles says he'll send a SWAT unit to the place, but Astrid all dramatically has saved a rather pertinent piece of information: Leland Spivey died in a car accident three years ago. Broyles -- who likely actually knows what's going on, remember, adding a little menace to the situation -- asks how Spivey was in Dunham's apartment, and Astrid suggests Jones is bringing people over from the other side with him -- maybe it's Spivey's doppelgänger.

Despite the fact that it wouldn't hurt to check out this universe's Spivey's last place of residence, Peter is throwing all his eggs in the "The Observer is our only lead!" basket. Yeah, he may be dying, but he still has brain function, points out Peter. Walter gets an inkling of what Peter is driving at, and is aghast. "He wants to go into the Observer's mind," he says. Broyles asks if that's possible and Walter says, "It has been since the first episode but sometimes we forget it's an option."

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