The End of All Things

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Olivia Really Lights Up The Room

Peter says they only way they're going to find Olivia is if he goes into the Observer's mind, but Walter says the man's brain operates in ways they can't even imagine. "And if he dies when you are in his mind, you could well die to." Peter, the honey badger don't give a fuck. He just asks if Walter can do it. After a moment, Walter says yes, and Peter's all, well, chop chop then!

After the commercial break, liquids are boiled! Fluids are injected! A computer screen hilariously shows two separate brain scans merging on the screen! Once again, I love the fully developed computer software for this dangerous, supernatural business that hardly ever comes up. Anyway, when Peter opens his eyes, he finds himself alone in some sort of doorless room made up of four walls and a ceiling of glass (or nothing, perhaps). Beyond the enclosure is a dark nothingness, and then in the distance, a purplish explosion of gas. Peter's gasp suggests he realizes he's witnessing the Big Bang, a realization that's confirmed when September -- suddenly behind Peter -- calls it "the beginning of all things." Peter watches as the universe explodes into existence and September says he's been privileged to witness it, as he has been to witness his own end. Peter says, "You know that you're dying?" and the Observer says, "Yes. I was shot." I think if the Observers ever expressed any sort of tone of voice, September's would carry an undercurrent of "...duh!" Peter asks who shot him, and the Observer tells him that's not the relevant question. Poor Peter needs the Observer to remind him why he's there! He's like, "Oh, shit, right, Olivia." He reminds the Observer that he said she needs Peter's help: "Does that mean you know where she is?" The Observer says that too is not relevant, adding that he does not have long, and there is much he needs Peter to understand before he goes. Not that he's volunteering any information. He's making Peter drag it out of him, apparently. Peter cornily asks, "Who... or what are you?"

The Observer introduces himself as "September," adding that it's a code designation given to members of their scientific team. Peter's all, "Scientists? From where?" If September says the Hanso Foundation, I'm out of here. Actually, he says, "A more apt question would be 'From when?'" September explains that they're human, but from many generations after Peter's lifetime. So mankind gets less hairy as time goes on? My wife's going to be disappointed she's not around for that. Seven years of marriage and I continue to become only more sasquatch-like. September says they come from one of countless possible futures for humanity and their technology has given them the ability to travel within and outside of time so that they can observe their beginnings.

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