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It Takes an Equation of Millions to Hold Us Back

Walter's sitting by himself in the common area, staring into space. Peter sits down next to him and asks if he's OK. "I'd like to go now," says Walter, quietly. Peter says they'll go right now, but Walter's not finished talking. "I've failed. It was all for nothing." He says Kim went on and on like an "incoherent loon," about being taken to dungeons and red castles. He looks at Peter suddenly, like something just occurred to him. "Son, is that what's it like to talk to me?" Peter looks about to smile, and puts his hand on his dad's shoulder. "Walter, let's go home." You know, Peter, you could have said "no, of course not!"

Charlie and Olivia are part of a team of agents knocking on doors in Clarksburg, showing Ben's picture around. Olivia's cell phone rings, and while Charlie questions a friendly Clarksburger, she heads down the steps to the sidewalk to talk to Peter, calling on their way out of St. Claire's. Olivia asks how Walter's doing. Peter says he's OK, but he hopes Olivia's got a lead out there because this was a bust. "So he wasn't able to connect with Dashiell?" says Olivia, who should turn around, because down the street, standing next to a tree, is the Observer. Peter says Walter's taking it pretty hard, and says Kim just babbled about red castles and dungeons. "I'm just glad he's OK," says Olivia. In front of her is a rather odd RED CASTLE-looking building, behind some trees. She tells Peter that if any red castles appear, she'll let him know. She hangs up, and then sees, really sees, the red castle across the street. Maybe she should be taking some observing lessons!

Lifting up a garage door, Charlie and Olivia walk, guns drawn, into a dusty warehouse full of carousel horses. "It's not a drawbridge, but it's close," says Charlie. He gets on the phone and asks someone to do a property search on an address. Olivia finds a trap door, and they climb down a ladder to some underground tunnels. They make their way through the tunnels, doing that suave wrists-crossed holding-a-gun-and-a-flashlight thing. When the corridor comes to a T, they split up, each going down one way. "Watch yourself," says Charlie. We follow Olivia, who's going down a familiar-looking portion of the tunnels.

She bursts into a room to find Ben asleep in the chair, electric apparatus still on his head. "Oh, thank god," says Olivia. She starts to disconnect him, but suddenly Joanne's there, wrapping her arm around Olivia's throat. And the two of them throw down, fighting and punching and kicking, Olivia's gun knocked to the floor. Knees to the head, haymakers ... I flinched watching it. This is what Ben wakes up to, so I think a good therapist will be in order for the poor kid. The women crash through some equipment onto the floor, and then Joanne's up and running. Olivia grabs her gun and chases her down the hall. "Stop! Put your hands in the air!" she yells at Joanne, halfway down the corridor. Joanne turns around, holding some kind of electronic device. She pushes a button, and then the hallway lights start flickering green and red. And then Charlie's putting his hand on her back, freaking her out, and she spins around. "You OK?" asks Charlie. "She was just there," says Olivia. Well, she's not now, and the agents go back down the hallway. Yeah, uh, given that Olivia likely hasn't been standing there for hours, is it at least worth a quick jog down the hallway to see if you can see anything? No? Giving up? OK.

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