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Daniel: B+ | 3 USERS: A
It Takes an Equation of Millions to Hold Us Back

Back at Boston Federal Building, Olivia's getting her cougar on by trying to entice Ben with the promise of a roll of quarters for the vending machine in the hall, and Ben says he's OK. He seems all right for having watched his mom get all bloody and DEAD again in front of him. Then he sees his dad come into the office, and it's all "Ben?" and "Dad?" and "Ben!" and "Dad!" and it got just a little dusty in here, and Broyles has release forms for the Stocktons, and Olivia wants to give them a minute to hug. She says she's going to call the Bishops to let them know Ben's all right. "Good work," says Broyles, and walks off. Olivia watches them hug for a moment smiling. Thank GOD for a happy ending.

Well, except for Joanne, I suppose. But she was kind of a bitch.

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