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It Takes an Equation of Millions to Hold Us Back

Startled, he turns around to find the tow-truck driver, who apologizes for spooking him. But what freaks him out more is that the woman's car is gone. Even worse than that? Ben's gone.

Broyles briefs the Fringe team (minus Astrid) at Boston Federal Building. Ben Stockton and his dad were returning home from a school function when they spotted a woman having car trouble. The father said something happened when he was looking at the engine: "He said it was like time jumped." And the woman, her car and his son were gone. "So he just blacked out," says Olivia, and Broyles says in the statement he gave police, he said he never lost consciousness. Yeah, jumping time and disappearing people and vehicles is much more plausible than blacking out. If Olivia were Elliot Stabler, she'd already be grouchily asking why THEY'RE getting this case, and Broyles is about to get into that, saying this isn't the first time this has happened.

He's got files on three missing-persons cases over the last ten years which all describe the same woman. As for the other three victims, one was found wandering a highway, another was found curled up in a grocery store freezer. They were let go, but not before being driven mad. One victim tried to lobotomize herself with a butter knife (now THAT's crazy -- a steak knife would work so much better), and none of them could remember any details about the abduction.

Olivia notes that the other victims are academics -- probability theorist, structural engineer -- so Ben doesn't fit the bill. I guess she can't say "fit the pattern" on this show without it being confusing. Broyles says every other detail is the same: the woman, a lost interval of time. "Flashing lights," says Walter, who is not referring to a long-defunct Canadian band from Halifax, but he somehow knows about the green, green, green, red. "How did you know that, Dr. Bishop?" asks Broyles. Walter doesn't know how he knows. Broyles? Do you know that Walter knows that you know? Broyles? Nevertheless, that's what it was, and Peter hopes his dad can jog his memory. "Christmas lights," says Walter. That's all he can come up with.

Over to Highland, Conn., where Olivia talks to Jeremy Stockton, who insists he's not crazy. His sister complains that the police "treated him like a suspect," and Jeremy angrily says they're wasting time instead of finding his son. Olivia says she believes him, and tells them about the other abductions, but admits Ben doesn't fit the profile (not the pattern) because the other victims were all academics, experts in their chosen professions. Jeremy looks at his sister, and Olivia, ace investigator that she is, notices, and asks what's up. "Ben is kind of an expert himself," says Jeremy, who explains that nine months ago his wife was walking Ben to school, when a guy who was late for a dentist appointment hit them in a crosswalk. In his defense, my dentist is a real douche if you're late for appointments. Abby was killed, and Ben was in a coma for six days, with the doctors not knowing if he was going to make it. "What he woke up... well, it's easier to show you." Great. Home movies, thinks Olivia.

He puts in a DVD of Ben playing the piano, a mournful piece that kinda reminds me of "Moonlight Sonata." Jeremy explains that the video was shot the day Ben came home from the hospital. He hadn't said a word since his dad told him that his mom died. He just sat down and started playing. And he had never taken a lesson, but two weeks later he was composing his own music, and then it was just one particular piece of music that he focused on, losing interest in anything else. Ben's aunt asks if Olivia thinks this is why the kidnapper wanted Ben. "I don't know," says Olivia.

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