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It Takes an Equation of Millions to Hold Us Back

Ben and his mother are still reuniting in the vague underground steam tunnel place. Ben asks if they're in heaven. If he sounds skeptical, it's probably because he figured heaven would at least have an Xbox. His mom says they're not in heaven, and he says he doesn't understand: he saw her get hurt. "I don't understand either," says Abby. "But I do know that I'm here. And I've missed you so much, Bean." She tells him that for her to stay, he's got to do what the woman says and finish the song. "It's important, Ben." He agrees, and says he loves her, and she says the same, and they hug, and her face still hasn't melted.

Over at St. Claire's, Olivia's in Dr. Sumner's office, and he greets her with a smile so insincere I practically shuddered. Sumner's played by William Sadler. Some of you may remember him as Heywood from The Shawshank Redemption. For me, he will always be Col. Stuart from Die Hard 2. Anyway, he tells Olivia that he can't imagine what help Dashiell Kim could be to the FBI.

She explains about the missing persons case, and that Kim may have been abducted by the same person just before he came to the institution. Sumner figures she came to the information from Walter Bishop. "You're the agent who took him three months ago, aren't you?" he says. Olivia is either missing the contempt in his voice or, more likely, choosing to ignore it, as she brightly says Dr. Bishop is doing quite well and has been assisting them since he checked out.

"He has no business being out among the rest of us," says Sumner bluntly, and that hangs in the air for a few moments before Olivia says she's not here to talk about Dr. Bishop. Sumner says the mental health of his patients is his primary concern: "And subjecting them to open-ended interrogations by FBI agents is hardly prudent therapy." He says he'd like to help, but he's a stereotypically obtuse crusty authority figure, and so he can't subject Dashiell to "new faces" right now. Olivia tells him a child's life may be in danger, and Sumner suggests that if Bishop is doing as well as Olivia says he is, he'll let Walter talk to Kim and ask Olivia's questions.

That DVD of Ben is STILL playing on the television, like put on a damn basketball game or something, while Walter stares at the equation, written on a transparent board. Peter and Olivia come in, arguing about bringing Walter back to St. Claire's, and they make NO attempt whatsoever to be discreet about it. I mean, it's a big lab, and they apparently decided to go stand right next to him. "You want to send my already mentally unstable father back to the institution that made him that way?" asks Peter. Olivia goes about how they don't have a choice, and Peter's yelling about how Walter can't even remember what he had for lunch, and FINALLY Walter speaks up and says, "I have noticed that you have a habit of referring to me as if I'm not in the room. Does anyone care what I think?" Peter asks what he wants to do, and Walter says he'd rather not go. Olivia starts to plead but Walter points out he said he'd rather not go, but he will: "Every moment that passes is another moment that little boy's life is in danger. Isn't that correct, agent Dunham?" Olivia says yes, and that's enough for Walter.

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