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It Takes an Equation of Millions to Hold Us Back

Later, though, he looks like he's regretting his decision, as he sits in the backseat, riding into St. Claire's. He looks miserable. The dingy, depressing walls guarded by armed men probably isn't helpful. Peter signs his father in, and Walter's greeted by Dr. Sumner. "Are you ready?" he says, moderately pleasantly. Peter says that when he gets out, they'll be right there. Olivia wishes him luck, but the ominous music that plays as Walter walks through the barred door doesn't help. As Dr. Sumner leads him in, a man in a wheelchair wheels after them, looking like he's following them.

So we're in one of those asylums that, despite all the windows, seems more likely to cause mental illness than do anything to alleviate it. It's not exactly One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, but Walter looks fearful as he enters the day room with Sumner. A patient starts to hobble over, but Walter says he can't help him. An orderly strolls over to ask how Walter's been, and he says he's not really back. "Yeah, well, it's nice to see you anyway," says the orderly, sounding pissed. At least, I think he was an orderly. Could have been Hannibal Lecter, I suppose.

Sumner tells Walter he's got ten minutes, and Walter walks over to Dashiell, who's eating pudding the color of baby diarrhea. Get better soon! Well, he isn't so much eating it as staring out into space with a half-smile on his face. Walter sits down and says hello, and gradually Kim turns his head in Walter's direction. He says Walter looks different, and Walter says it's the beard.

And just like you might say, "Have you lost weight?" to an old friend, Walter notes the smile and says, "Have they altered your medication?" and then jokes that "these medieval quacks are more proficient at phrenology than psychopharmacology." Dashiell says he misses Walter's jokes, and Walter says he misses Kim's jokes, and then not-too-subtly (of course, it's not like he has much time) asks about the woman who took him away with the red and green lights. Kim's smile starts to fade. Walter says it's important: "The woman, where exactly did she take you?" Kim flatly says he doesn't know what Walter's referring to, and he must have mistook him for someone else. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I want to sit here and finish my baby diarrhea pudding in peace." Luckily for Walter, he's using a plastic spoon, not a spork.

Walter, looking lost, stares at him for a few moments, then gets up and wanders over to a table where a couple of inmates are playing chess. He picks up a crayon and comes back over to Kim, and starts writing the equation on the coffee table. Kim watches with interest and Walter reminds him he was always trying to solve it. With great effort, Kim says he doesn't do math anymore: "Mathematical formulations are not conducive to my mental stability." Walter asks him to remember the woman with the red and green lights, but Kim interrupts him to roar, "I don't do math anymore!" This touches off a frenzy in the day room, all the inmates screaming. Sumner calmly nods at an orderly, who moves in. Walter desperately tries to get Kim to tell the story, but he angrily refuses. An orderly has to pull Walter away, and Sumner gets a syringe from an orderly. Walter, struggling, throws himself at Kim, either trying to protect him or just flipping out, but that needle clearly was always meant for Walter, who gets it in the arm. He looks at Sumner, surprised. Which would make him the only one.

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