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It Takes an Equation of Millions to Hold Us Back

Later, in Sumner's office, Peter's not so much surprised as pissed: "Walter is legally in my custody. You have no right to keep him here." Sumner says he not only has the right, he has the responsibility: "He accosted Mr. Kim. If I release him, and something else happens --" Olivia tells Sumner that's not going to happen. To be more accurate, she should tell Sumner that when shit does happen -- like, say, Walter sticks a needle into an FBI agent's neck -- that it's completely OK.

Sumner says he talked to Walter, after he calmed down, about the work he's been doing. "It is clear that exposing him to the pressures of criminal investigations, while indulging his fantastical pseudo-scientific notions, has exacerbated the worst features of his mental illness." Peter snaps that after some of the things he's seen in the last three months, Walter strikes him as being one of the sanest people he knows. Sumner: "Is that so!" and the two of them glare at each other. Perhaps Peter would like a syringe in the arm too? Dunham gives Sumner the "obstruction of justice" argument, and says either he releases Walter into their custody, or she'll go get a court order. No surprise: Sumner's going to make them do that.

So Walter's there, at least for the night, trying to get some sleep on a bed in a very narrow room. He's trying to sing himself to sleep: "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." He hears steps and the door creaks open. "Welcome back, Walter," says a voice. Walter's near tears, as he looks and sees himself, sitting on the end of the bed, wearing a nice cardigan. I don't know what's so awful. Now that he's hallucinated another version of himself, he can sing the song as a round!

Back at Boston Federal Building, Dunham asks Charlie about "that tip from Rochester." Charlie tells her local agents are heading to the convenience store where Ben was spotted, and are hoping video surveillance can confirm it was him. Olivia asks if they've set up "checkpoints" and Charlie says they're working on it. Some other agent hands Olivia a phone, saying it's the general counsel's office, about Dr. Bishop. "This is agent Dunham," she says, taking the phone. She listens for a moment, and then makes an annoyed grimace. "No, I wanted you to work around the protocol!" she says, not realizing that not EVERYBODY gets to play by their own rules. She asks for help getting Walter out, and then says, "OK, 7 a.m." and hangs up. She tells Peter that they have to wait until morning for the court order to have Walter released. "But then he's out," says Peter, and Olivia promises, and also apologizes, saying Peter was right. He shakes his head and points out that this was Walter's choice. Yeah, and Walter's MENTALLY UNSTABLE, remember?

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