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There's A Trick With A Knife I'm Learning To Do

Olivia's hard at work while Briggs and Stratton just complain about how much less fun the other is, I suppose. She sets some rags soaking in oil while she goes about connecting tubes to pipes, and the piece-de-resistance is the bullet from Etta's necklace, which she drops in the pipe. Then it's time to spark the rags, and next thing you know, Briggs is drawing his gun to investigate why there's smoke coming from under the workshop door.

He gets an air-pressure bullet through the temple, which is awesome enough for me not to be skeptical of Olivia's deadly accuracy with her jury-rigged gun. The completely oblivious Stratton strolls in a moment later, surprised to see Olivia holding a gun, which she snagged from the dead Briggs. "Where's Briggs?" he asks, but before Olivia says anything, he starts to draw his gun, and Olivia kills him too. Then she digs the necklace bullet out of the wall and scrams. Shit, it went in and out of his skull? That's some air-pressure gun!

After the commercial break, Olivia's still saddling up when she gets a call from an agitated Walter -- who becomes even more anxious when he can see via the amazing telephone that I'm sure is some sort of futuristic device that is not available today how banged up she is -- and lets her know that Peter showed up at the lab a couple of hours ago. "I tried to convince him. I said that his brain is being altered, and that soon it will be irreversible. But he won't hear me. I don't know what else to say," he says. Olivia turns the bullet over in her fingers and asks Walter if he knows where Peter is.

Peter is overlooking the square, searching the crowd of dreary grey people with their black umbrellas in the night. Olivia strolls up and says "Peter" like NICE HIDING PLACE, PETER and tells him that Walter filled her in about Windmark and how he almost killed Peter. But Peter says he's already turned that to his advantage: "See those steps down there? In a few minutes, if everything goes according to plan, Windmark will walk up those steps and pass that fountain. Then I will know that he has been reset onto the correct path. He does not realize it now, but he will be back on the trajectory that I want him on," says Peter. I'm not at all sure how Peter has turned almost dying into an advantage, and I also don't know what's different about what Peter's doing now that would mean Windmark isn't aware of Peter's manipulations this time, but I guess that's not really the point.

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