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Carlos tells her to wait there, and he goes inside, where a woman played by singer Jill Scott (whose work I am largely unfamiliar with) is on the phone telling someone that she'd like to sell them the piping, but she's got people depending on her, and they need to eat. "I'm willing to barter. Let me know," she says, and hangs up as Carlos comes into view to tell her about the woman outside asking for a magnet.

He shows her Olivia on their nifty security hologram thing, and Jill Scott is stunned. "It's her," she says, watching Olivia fidget in three dimensions. She watches for a moment, and then tells Carlos, "Send them. Send them now."

Olivia, meanwhile, is just hanging out, checking out all the creepy weird scrapyard people doing creepy weird scrapyard things. Eventually Jill Scott comes out and formally and stiffly introduces herself as Simone, and says that Carlos said she was interested in a magnet. Olivia launches into a spiel about how she knows it's a weird request, but Simone cuts her off with a broad smile: "We have it for you. We've been expecting you." This throws Olivia for a bit of a loop, but Simone tells her she's been waiting many years for someone to come for the magnet.

She leads Olivia to a flatbed truck is parked, covered in tarps. Simone uncovers the cab. "This is your truck. It's been your truck for twenty-one years. To transport it," she explains. Simone tells Olivia that a man came here soon after the invaders arrived and spoke to her mother: "He said he had a way to save the world, but he needed a giant magnet to do it."

Olivia asks if his name was Walter Bishop, but Simon doesn't remember. "He was older. Greyish hair." Sounds like Walter, all right! Simone's mother assured him he'd keep the magnet packed up and ready for when he came back for it, and before she died, she made Simone promise to keep the candle burning as well. She pulls the tarp off the magnet, sitting on the back. "It wasn't always easy. At times we were destitute," she says. Olivia looks suitably awkward at this. Kinda tacky, Simone, I gotta say. She says there were people who wanted to sell the magnet and the truck, because they "lost hope." At her "lost hope" I groaned. Oh, great, we're going down that road.

Anyway, Simone and her mother never lost hope, and now here's Olivia. Simone sent for diesel fuel. She knows Olivia doesn't mind waiting, because she'd rather drive after nightfall. Listen, lady, just because you've been looking after the electromagnet for two decades, that doesn't mean you get to go all creepy stalker. Olivia asks how she knew that. "I know a lot of things." OK, that's a really DISCONCERTING ANSWER, Simone. She says that she sees flashes sometimes when she's around people. "Like before, when I met you, I saw that you have a bullet in your pocket. A slug." "I've always had a gift," she adds.

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