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There's A Trick With A Knife I'm Learning To Do

Back at the lab, the porcupine man's brain is ready for action. It's completely dead, Walter tells us, most likely damaged by the preservation process. Walter's skeptical about them discovering anything with this, but they have to give it a shot. Astrid brings up a computer model of the brain while Walter tries to figure out how he's supposed to attach the tech -- then, just as it did with Peter, it burrows itself in of its own accord. And on the computer screen the neural activity fires right back up, much more than in a normal brain. Walter points out it's moving along the cerebral cortex, which controls higher-level thinking.

Then the activity stops. "The device must've detected that the brain isn't suitable," says Walter. Jumping to conclusions: The hallmark of all great scientists! Fortunately, in the short time it was going, they collected enough data to do some extrapolation of what happens to the brain over time. As they watch, new ridges form. "The more convolutions, the higher the brain function in mammals," Walter says, and points out that the cerebral cortex is becoming so thick it's overriding the area used to control emotions. He grimaces at the "controlled evolution," and adds it's worse than he feared.

Back at the scrapyard, Simone draws water from a pump while fretting about how "they" aren't here yet. Carlos looms to say they'll be there soon.

So they stand there, watching Olivia, sitting on a trailer. The little scrapyard urchin who was out developing tetanus earlier pops over to say hi. She introduces herself as Darby, and Olivia tells her her name, but Darby already knows: "Everybody's talking about you," she says. "They said you're on Reward Wire. There's a bounty on you."

Now this Olivia finds interesting, and she asks this Darby character what else "they" are saying, but Carlos calls Darby's name and she scurries off. Typical. When I was a kid, you'd tell your elders not only when they had bounties on their heads, but anything else that was being said.

So Olivia's not in the best frame of mind when Simone shows up with a glass of water for her on the off-chance she's thirsty. "What's in the water? A sedative? You gonna knock me out?" says Olivia, testily. Simone's confused. "Nobody's gone to get diesel fuel, have they?" says Olivia. Simone takes a step forward and tries to tell Olivia she's wrong, which is when Olivia pulls out her gun and points it at her.

So Simone herself takes a sip of the water and then sets it down and then soothingly starts talking about how Olivia has no faith, and Simone could feel that when she came, but Olivia's not in any mood for "parlor tricks" and she wants her truck and her magnet now. Simone says when the fuel gets here, she can have it. "Unless, of course, you'd like to leave now. Your car's over there," she says, adding that Olivia can come back with more people if she wants.

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