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There's A Trick With A Knife I'm Learning To Do

Olivia has started to calm down, and Simone cocks her head and says, softly, "You lost someone." Olivia says that's an assumption you can make about anybody, so Simone gets a little more specific: "You lost your daughter. Twice." Olivia doesn't know what to do, so fortunately Carlos is there to interrupt proceedings to let them know the fuel's there. No one seems overly concerned by Olivia pointing a gun at Simone, by the way. But Olivia lowers her gun.

Elsewhere, Peter's in an office building looking out at the street and running futures through his mind involving Windmark when he suddenly gets a flash of Windmark standing behind him, and sure enough, there's ol' Baldy himself. "Did you think you are the only one who can manipulate futures?" says Windmark. Well, yeah, he kinda did. Windmark says he knows Peter has been making adjustments to his, but Windmark has been making adjustments of his own. They know Peter switched the briefcase; they traced it back to the restaurant, which gave them an "origin point" for him, and they know he was at the intersection when he caused Windmark to miss the light. "The two events were in close enough succession that I could determine a probable future. I have led you here to this place. Everything has taken place as I intended," says Windmark, and that's when the teleportation fight begins! Windmark and Peter pop in and out as they trade punches (or try to) with Peter running up walls and somersaulting, then giving Windmark kidney punches -- at least until Windmark pops out and then back in again behind Peter, and shoving Peter's face up against the wall.

Windmark leans in close: "This was what she saw. This was her last thought before she expired," he says, and through Peter's mind flashes images of that day in the park, just before the Observers invaded. Windmark's got a knife out -- "Your emotions make you weak," he says -- but Peter manages to wrestle his way face-to-face, only for Windmark's sidekick to suddenly pop in behind Peter, grabbing the knife and stabbing him the shoulder. Peter pops out and then back in behind the Observer, and stabbing him with it. This kills him, because Peter is better at Observer fighting than the Observers are, I guess. Windmark advances on Peter again, but Peter winks out and doesn't wink back in.

Windmark takes a look at the dead Observer, and then pops out back down to the street, where he looks around, running futures but unable to see Peter, who is apparently beyond the reach of Windmark's Observision. He's hobbling down a sidewalk somewhere, bleeding.

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