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There's A Trick With A Knife I'm Learning To Do

"Are you also aware that the changes will soon be permanent? And if that happens, there's nothing I can do to get you back," says Walter. Wait, aren't you supposed to be accepting the reversibility of all phenomena? At any rate, Peter says he's going to shift Windmark's future so that he passes through the square at exactly 7:19 p.m. "When he does, I will know that he has been reset onto the correct path," he says. Walter says he can't allow Peter to make that mistake, but I'm not aware of any way Walter would be able to stop him. "Don't you see, Walter? When he passes through the square, she will be avenged," says Peter. Walter says they all want Windmark dead, but the way to do it is by watching these fucked-up tapes telling them how to get the equipment they need for a plan that none of them knows how to set in motion. And despite Walter telling Peter that they -- and he -- need him, Peter stands up, all bandaged up, and says he has to go.

Olivia's roaring down a back road in the truck, working on her left-arm tan hanging out the window and cranking up the John Denver. Or else she's all business, talking to Anil on the speaker phone to tell him she's got a truck and a magnet and she needs a place big enough to store them. Anil tells her they've got a warehouse outside the city: "When you're close, I'll have someone meet you and guide you there," he says. Olivia's got to hang up, because up ahead, blocking the road, is an obvious kidnap situation, I mean "car accident."

There are a couple of bodies lying in the road, and when Olivia approaches the smaller one, she sees it's just a mannequin. The other body is a real person, though, but he's not dead; he's getting up and pointing his gun at Olivia, and why she wasn't a little more cautious and a little less gullible than this I have no idea. "What you got in the truck?" says the guy, who also has a partner in actual crime who strolls out from behind one of the cars. Olivia says she doesn't have anything they'd be interested in. "Got any money?" says Buddy. Olivia says she doesn't, and one of them whips a scanner and runs it over her face. The display on the back lets us know Olivia is a "Tier One" fugitive. Tier One! That's top-shelf, Olivia, nice job. "You don't need money. You are money." Goddamn, two decades in the future and bros still aren't over Swingers? There's a brief fight, in which Olivia Dunham, ultimate fighting badass, all of a sudden can't hold her own against a couple of backwoods skeets. They knock her out much too easily.

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