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I Got a Machine and I Took Over the World in One Weekend
OING HOME" and she quickly grabs the phone.

Back at telekinesis training, Olivia is having no luck. She looks sick about it too, and when Walter comes into his office with a cup of tea, Olivia suggests he give her some Cortexiphan. He says it would do her more harm than good. "These abilities are inside you, Olivia. You simply need to harness them," he says. She says she doesn't know how, and she never has.

He quietly says that he knows what it feels like to feel unequal to the task, and it has to do with the fact that a long time ago his friend carved pieces out of his brain. Again with this! Well, he's really only referring to it obliquely, but he says that he's come to embrace those parts of his mind that are "peculiar and broken," because that's what makes his mind special.

After a long, long pause, he says he wishes she could see herself the way he sees her. "You have no idea how extraordinary you are," he says, adding that if she embraces it, there's no end to what she could do. Olivia's clearly touched, but still not convinced: "Believing doesn't make it true," she says, and he urges her to try. You can't really not try for someone who thinks you're extraordinary, so Olivia gives it another shot. So she stares into the mirror for a good thirty seconds, and the music swells, and you're thinking that she's going to get it done... but nothing. I mean, OBVIOUSLY it's going to happen, but they tricked me that time! Walter says it's OK, and suggests taking a break before they try again. Olivia nods, but then Astrid comes in with the news that Peter's missing, so that's obviously going to cut telekinesis practice short today.

And while the doomsday device is floated out to Liberty Island on a barge accompanied by a helicopter escort, Peter wanders the streets and asks a stranger about a pawn shop that Peter is sure must be nearby. The stranger, after some prodding, suggests he try Third. Peter finds it, and the guy behind the counter looks up -- possibly due to the surprise of seeing someone in the otherwise empty shop -- and then goes back to whatever work he's doing. Probably planning to cancel Customer Appreciation Day for lack of necessity. Peter wanders over to the counter to look at the coins.

He points and asks to see one of the displays, and the owner, sounding skeptical, asks if Peter's a collector. Peter says he was when he was a kid. So the owner pulls out the tray and tells Peter they're all graded and authenticated. "Price-wise, everything in here, five hundred and up," he says. Well, Peter can afford to take a cab to New York, so that's probably not a problem. Peter picks up a silver half-dollar, says it's his favorite, and always brings him luck. The store owner likely doubts this, or at the very least is a little concerned by Peter's bandaged face.

Back at Harvard, Astrid gets off the phone and says the house was searched and Peter wasn't there. Walter frets that Peter might not be able to remember the address, steamrolling right over Astrid's rejection of pessimism by pointing out that they don't have a clue how the machine affected Massive Head Wound Peter (apart from dropping him on his coconut, I suppose). He growls at Astrid more than is strictly necessary, and then his face softens and he apologizes, but this is old news to Astrid at this point and she forgives him.

Olivia comes in to let them know that Peter's credit card has been used twice in the past two hours: eight-hundred dollars to the Western Massachusetts Cab Company and six hundred dollars to a pawn shop in Manhattan. Walter looks perplexed. If he's any kind of dad, he's thinking, "Eight-hundred for a cab? I'll KILL him!" But he just says, "What would he be looking for in New York?"

Well, Peter has taken a harbour taxi over to Liberty Island, which is currently being evacuated. He looks up at the Statue of Liberty -- do they have one of those in Vancouver? And he gets stopped by a guard who tells Peter he can't be here. "I have to talk to my father. I have something to show him. It's really important," says Peter. "And who, out of a stinger to go to commercial on, is your father?" asks the guard, and Peter says, "Walter Bishop. The secretary of defense." He says it like the guard should KNOW that.

Back at Harvard, everyone's just kinda sitting around. Olivia brings Sam some tea. He's reading an old magazine that either has an extremely text-heavy ad featuring George Burns on the back cover, or magazines used to run articles on the back cover. Sam says he's reading and then corrects that to trying to read. But it's not a slam at Olivia for bothering him but a "pathetic attempt to distract myself with ancient gossip. Better than thinking about what I've done," he says. "I intervened." Olivia reminds him that she didn't exactly give him an option not to.

Broyles comes in to tell them that Peter has been found. By people ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR HIM, I presume he means. He's on Liberty Island, says Broyles, and the machine is there now too, and there's transport waiting for them at the heliport. Walter goes to grab his coat and some Dramamine, and Broyles tells Sam that it's official personnel only from here on out. You think maybe an exception might be made for the guy who's the latest in a long line of experts on the machine? No one sticks up for Sam, and Olivia says, "Whatever's happening, it's not over," and they wish each other luck, and then we see a shot of Sam staring out over the water at... Liberty Island in the distance? He's come to New York too? Maybe he had his own transport at the heliport. Anyway, the Newton's Cradle is clacking merrily away behind him.

Peter's nursing a cup of coffee on the island when the Fringe team rushes up, Walter wondering what on earth made Peter go there. Olivia gives him a hug, but Peter seems really confused by Walter. He's almost childlike as he stands there, baffled, before he says, "There are two of you, aren't there." He says he thinks he's been confused. Been rewatching old episodes and trying to make everything add up too, hey?

So Walter gives Peter a physical, which he passes. The last thing he remembers is trying to get into the Doomsday Machine. Also, he knows that Walter is not the secretary of defense, as the sweater is a dead giveaway, and you can tell it's Peter again when he starts slagging off his dad for no reason. Walter says the fact his memory's returned is a sign that the confusion is temporary, which sounds a bit tautological to me, but then Walter spies the half-dollar Peter's playing with and seems a little spooked by it and grabs it and wants to know where Peter got it, but before we find out what Walter's deal is, loud thunder rattles the room. "The machine," he says, and he runs out to the hangar where Broyles says he thought Walter had a plan, but Walter says the system wasn't designed for sudden fluctuations, and as long as the machine is on, there's nothing they can do.

Olivia and Peter, meanwhile, are having a touching moment where Olivia talks about how worried she was. Peter says he's fine, and they should try to figure out how to initiate Olivia's crowbar function. She tells him about trying to concentrate on a specific phrase, and Peter asks her what it was.

Meanwhile, back at the lab, where poor Astrid is usually forced to hang out if she's needed to be kidnapped or advance a plot somehow, she hears the sound of typewriter keys clacking, so she goes into Walter's office, where she's amazed to see the typewriter spitting out its message despite the fact the keys aren't moving. Right away she's on the phone with Olivia, all, "Are you doing that?" and explains that the typewriter is typing, "Be a better man than your father," over and over again. Judging by Olivia's reaction, yeah, that's her.

And now Broyles is stomping through the hangar that's the new home of the Doomsday Machine, yelling for everyone who isn't essential personnel to get the hell on a boat right now. Meanwhile, Walter is coaching Olivia to think of the Doomsday Machine as a giant typewriter, which is kind of worrying because she only barely just got that one to start going.

Anyway, Peter's here now, and he's staring at the machine, and Olivia walks over and he asks if she's ready, and she's not, and she asks him the same thing, and he's not, like THE WORLD IS FALLING APART COULD YOU MAYBE SPEED THIS UP A BIT, and they hold hands. "Don't say I never took you anywhere," says Peter, and I don't believe it's the first time he's said that. So they walk up to the machine, Peter looking a lot more confident than Peter. "You can do this," he says, smiling, and Olivia takes a few more steps forward on her own. She stares at the machine -- we get a good look at the hand clamps and the curvy grooves etched onto the inside of the panels. And she closes her eyes and thinks for a moment and the machine powers down and the hand clamps open. Well, that was certainly much easier than a typewriter.

Quick hop over to the other universe, where Brandonate sees their Doomsday Machine turn off, and he immediately gets on the intercom for someone to notify the Secretary that something's happening to the machine.

Back over here, Peter tells Olivia that she did it. It's his turn now, but Olivia won't let him leave without jamming h

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