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Bridge Over Troubled Father
e's the only sane one of the bunch.Walter says he'll need some supplies: six car batteries, a voltage transformer and several yards of ten-gauge electrical wire. Oh! And a corpse! "Any corpse will do. But it shouldn't be dead for more than two days." Well, if you want a little advice, I wouldn't look at the closest 7-Eleven. Their corpses aren't usually dated, so you don't know what you're getting. Plus you usually pay a little bit more for corpses there.

Over at Pinewood Savings, Newton strolls up to the teller and says he's there to see the manager, Mr. McCallister: "He's expecting me," smirks Newton.So former-Jill-now-McCallister shows Newton down a stairwell, asking his boss if Newton felt the need to check up on him and Newton just admits it. I'm kind of curious what McCallister is doing to avoid being found out to have absolutely no banking skills at all. Or did the shapeshifter have banking training? McCallister asks if he figured out what to do about Verona. "I have some thoughts," is all Newton will say.

Downstairs in the vault, the two of them silently get to work. They open McCallister's tackle box of alternate universe technology, with Newton using some sort of cellphone app to pinpoint a location exactly -- and then he just scratches down an X on the floor with a nice precise black marker. McCallister squeezes some transparent paste on the X, and within seconds there's a smoking hole burned in the floor, just big enough, presumably, to hold the cylindrical device that Newton is preparing. Tha's just when they're interrupted by the bank teller, who needs McCallister's approval for an overdraft withdrawal (as the phony bank manager steps over the hole). "I totally know what that means!" he says, and tells Newton he'll be back in a moment, but Newton says McCallister can handle the rest: "Just make sure the device remains undisturbed."

Back at the lab, Olivia has completed her messed-up game of scavenger hunt, and Peter's got the car-battery apparatus tied into the house power, and the voltmeter is ready to go. Olivia asks Walter if he's sure she's doing this right, which is similar to something the stand-in Olivia says in the adults-only version of Fringe I recently saw.

Astrid asks, as Walter supervises this contraption that's connecting the shapeshifter embryo to the corpse, if he really thinks this is going to work, and Walter says there's no reason it shouldn't: "Something stopped this creature from developing, and because it's part mechanical, if we pump it with enough electricity, we should be able to restart it, like jump-starting a car." Yeah. JUST like jump-starting a car. Astrid asks what the corpse is for: "Is this embryo supposed to reanimate it?" Well, that would be awesome, but Walter unfairly snaps at her to not be ridiculous: "If we intend to question this creature, then it will need an identity to shape-shift into," he "explains," prompting Peter to say what everyone else is thinking: "'Cause that's not ridiculous at all."

So they're ready to go, starting off with 80 amps, which doesn't kickstart its heart but does make it start to glow (meanwhile the lights have started to flicker). They go up to 110 amps, and then 140, which trips a breaker and all the lightbulbs shower sparks into the now-darkened lab. But the embryo is still growing. Walter tells Astrid to get some quickly, and she lights one instantly, like she happened to be holding one and a lighter. The embryo is shifting and writhing and slowly taking shape -- and then it stops and lies still. Walter says something's wrong: "When I cut into it, I must have damaged it." Really? Well, I guess that's why you're the brilliant scientist. He and Peter jam the shapeshifting cords into the mouths of the embryo and the corpse, and as soon as Walter puts his end into the embryo, it screeches to "life", grabbing Walter's arm and causing Olivia to draw her gun. "Help ... me," it croaks out. "Contact Newton." Olivia's all, "Thomas Jerome Newton?" I guess she wants to make sure it's not another shapeshifter looking for a different Newton. She asks where Newton is, but the shapeshifter just says, "Verona. D-d-Daniel Verona." Olivia doesn't know who that is. "Blood type AB-negative. Cellular polarity," says the creature. AB-negative? Oh, Daniel Verona. But the creature's growing increasingly spasmodic. "We're losing him," says Walter, so Olivia urgently asks what's happening tomorrow at 3:31. The creature clutches at Walter's hand and stares at him for a few moments. "I'm ... sorry," it says, and falls back, dead.

A dude leaves a grocery store somewhere, carrying a bag of groceries that ignores the television rule that grocery bags need to have a baguette and something leafy poking over the top, and a slew of FBI cars come screeching up, and the poor grocery shopper suddenly has tons of guns pointing at him, including one from Olivia. "Daniel Verona? FBI," she says. Lucky for the FBI they pulled up at the one grocery store that doesn't have a bunch of cars idling directly in front while the owners are just running in to grab one or two things or to go to Starbucks.

Speaking of unlikely urban amenities, Newton is elsewhere getting into a non-vandalized telephone booth that actually works. He calls 911 to let them know about a middle-aged Caucasian man having a heart attack at the corner of Longwood and Huntington, but he hangs up rather than give his name. He steps outside and takes a pill, and seconds later, he's convulsing and collapsing onto the pavement while some well-meaning woman freaks out and asks if anyone knows CPR.

Over at the Federal Building, the elegantly named Daniel Verona is having a blood sample taken while Broyles and Olivia watch through one-way glass and gripe that Verona isn't a shapeshifter. Broyles thinks maybe they got to them before the shapeshifters did. "Why him? I mean, why Daniel Verona? What could they want with him?" asks Olivia. Broyles checks the file, notes that Verona's a medical examiner who works at Boston General, so it's anybody's guess.

I'm going to go right ahead and surmise that the corpse on the gurney being wheeled down the hall by a fetching woman in scrubs is at Boston General right now. She wheels him into a room where bodies are stacked in shelves like some kind of summer-camp nightmare.

The second she leaves, shutting the door behind her, someone unzips the bodybag from inside. It's Newton, beating Jesus' resurrection record by a few days. He sits up, pulls out his cellphone. Gasp! Does he not care that the cellphone can interfere with all the delicate electronic equipment at the hospital? He also has another one of those cylindrical things, and he pushes the button on top. A light starts flashing orange.

Over at the Bishop place, Peter gets off the phone with Olivia and lets Walter know that Verona turned out to be a bust. Walter, angrily slicing some bread, gets more agitated, and Peter tells him that he needs to get some rest. Walter's too pissed at himself: "I should have been more careful with my initial dissection. If I hadn't caused so much damage, it would ... it could have told us everything," he says.

Peter tries to get Walter, who says what he did was "stupid and inexcusable," to try to stop beating himself up over it: "We're gonna figure it out, just like we always do, OK?" After some prodding, Walter seems to accept this. "I want you to get some rest, Dad," says Peter, patting Walter on the shoulder before heading off to hit the sack himself. Of course, Walter brightens up and tells Peter that he just called him "Dad." "Yeah, I guess I did," says Peter, and he smiles, and turns to go but all of a sudden Walter's memory has been triggered, and he says he thinks he knows what Newton's going to do.

So Olivia is summoned to the Bishop house, where Walter starts babbling about how he and William Bell used geometry and harmonic vibrations to send Bell's car from this universe to the other one, because the two universes vibrate at different frequencies. "So we set up three harmonic rods arranged as an equilateral triangle and then activated the rods." He's setting up a little demonstration using a dinky car and the three identical tuning forks that no household should be without. "When the car began to vibrate at just the right frequency, that's how we sent Belly's car to the other side." Ridiculously, the car vibrates and then propels itself forward. Oh, now it seems plausible! Peter points out to Olivia that this is exactly what Newton did with the building. "But Newton's attempt failed," says Olivia, and Walter says that's because the building he brought over landed in a location that was already occupied by another. But he thinks Newton's found a way around the problem, because he's got something Walter and Bell never had: agents in both universes. "So if we set up the harmonic rods in exactly the same position in each universe like so," says Walter, while Peter sets up THREE MORE TUNING FORKS. Did they get the tuning fork Valu-Pak at a quick trip to Costco or something? Anyway, Walter says whatever's in the centre in each universe will simply be exchanged. To demonstrate that, Peter and Walter just ... trade dinky cars. Thrilling! You guys get an F at the science fair. "Of course, that would likely require that the universes be in sync." Olivia points out that that's at 3:31 this afternoon, and asks what Newton could be bringing here. "Last time he brought a building, so I suppose anything he could fit inside it ... a machine." An army, says Peter, ever the optimist, and Walter says that's possible, if the triangle is large enoug

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