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Bridge Over Troubled Father
h. So they've got ten hours to figure out where the centre of the triangle is, which could be anywhere.

And there's Wu, who is not pissing on the Dude's rug, but instead is a lineman up on a pole. Given that he's getting shit over the radio from his supervisor, who's telling him that he's supposed to be fixing a transformer at Third and Spencer, and given that he's got one of those little harmonic devices to put in the electrical box, it's safe to say that the shapeshifter got to him, isn't it?

Meanwhile, Walter rolls out a big city map so the team can try to figure out where Newton's setting up; he'd have to place the harmonic rods at three specific locations across the city. "OK, so that's why Newton's going after Verona, because Verona must have access to one of the three points," says Olivia, so that probably means Boston General Hospital or Verona's home, which turns out is really close to the hospital, so that's close enough for Peter to not make a distinction between the two. Yeah, no need to try to be as precise as possible when you're figuring out universes syncing up, right?

Astrid strolls in to let them know that the body of a Ben McCallister was just found in Chestnut Hill Village, with three punctures to his soft palate. "He's a branch manager at Pinewood Savings Bank," she says, and so now they've got their second point. Peter connects them on a map, and they've got their first leg of the triangle. And because they're looking for an equilateral triangle, that means the third point can be in one of only two places, so...

Oh, holy hell. Skip it. The third point is on the Charles River, dismissed by Peter in favour of Hyde Park, because as Olivia points out, the water would absorb any excess energy caused by the procedure, so the exchange is likely going to happen on the condemned railway bridge that's right there. Worth noting is Olivia's sidelong glance at Walter, since she knows about the excess energy thanks to Walter's explanation of the procedure. Walter, looking uncomfortable and worried about being pressed further by a perplexed Peter, confirms what Olivia's saying, and Olivia calls Broyles, presumably, to let him know they've got something.

Sure enough, there's Newton, standing by the river, looking at a gap in the bridge across the Charles River. Wu and McCallister stroll up to let him know they're all set. Well, except for the cop car that has pulled up on the other side of the bridge, flashing its lights and sounding a brief siren as a "what's up?" A couple of police officers get out. "Go deal with it, now," says Newton, and Wu and McCallister scoot off. What the hell are those cops doing? "Hmm, wonder if something shady is going on over there? We'll just park where we can't get to them and then WARN them that we are here!

So while the Fringers race to the bridge, Broyles tells Olivia over the phone that agents are going to check out the morgue and McCallister's bank, and Boston police officers have been deployed to the Andrews Avenue Bridge. She tells him that whatever Newton's trying to bring over, Walter thinks he can stop it. In the backseat, Walter is feverishly working away on a laptop, and explains to Peter that vibrations are composed of shock waves, which can be nullified by their opposites, like noise-cancelling headphones. "The seismograph will pick up the vibrations from Newton's device. The laptop will calculate its opposite and transmit it to the pneumatic hammer," says Walter. "To send out vibrations that would cancel out Newton's device," says Peter. Must be one of those pneumatic hammers with a USB port in case anyone ever needs to cancel out an intra-universal exchange.

Walter says they need to get the hammer as close to the centre of the bridge as possible, which could be dangerous: "The vibrational waves that Newton will need to generate the intensity are devastating," he says. He thinks they would tear a person apart. Oh, so like literally devastating, and not "Oh no! Dollhouse got cancelled!" devastating.

So Olivia pulls up at the bridge, and everyone gets out (Peter tells Walter to get back in the car and finish the Prevent Intra-Universal Exchange app) and they're blocked by a couple of Boston cops. Peter says they need to get on the bridge. "I'm afraid that's not possible," says one of the cops, so Olivia flashes her FBI badge. "You're the boss. Let me just check with the sergeant," says the cop. He takes his cellphone and starts to dial and walk away, and Olivia calmly WHIPS OUT HER GUN AND SHOOTS THE OTHER COP RIGHT IN THE HEAD! The bullet wound oozes mercury, and the other "cop" starts firing at them while Peter and Olivia duck for cover behind the police car. "How did you know?" says Peter, and Olivia says, "A cop wouldn't call his sergeant on a cellphone." Well, good thing you were right and the cop's radio wasn't just malfunctioning! Jesus! Olivia returns fire while an agitated Walter watches from his seat in the car, before he clambers out of the back seat and into the driver's seat. He guns the engine and drives towards the bridge, much to Peter's horror, drawing fire from the shapeshifted cop.

Across the water, Newton watches Walter pull up at the end of the bridge to nowhere. It's hard to tell if he's annoyed. He looks annoyed, but he always looks annoyed. He checks his watch as it gets closer to 3:31, and heads back to his equipment. He starts pushing buttons. On a computer monitor, two graphics of a bridge appear, identical save that one of them is missing the centre span (as in our universe) and the other one has a connecting span.

The harmonic rods start to glow in their various locations: bank vault floor, morgue, electrical box, and suddenly there's a big ripple in the Charles River, shaking the ground, almost causing Walter to fall down.

Peter and Olivia are still pinned behind the cop car, and Olivia checks her watch. It's 3:32, she says. Walter's not going to make it! TOLD you you shouldn't have stopped to get your hair straightened! You don't need to do it every day! Peter tells Olivia to cover him, and then he goes hauling ass past the renegade shapeshifter cop to get to Walter, while Olivia fires and moves up closer to the cop.

Walter tells Peter to get off the bridge -- he started it so now he's got to finish it -- but Peter's having none of it, saying that it'll go faster if they do it together. Peter starts hauling the drill to the edge of the bridge. Newton's watching, and he gets on his cellphone to call the cop. I don't know about anyone else, but when I'm under fire from an FBI agent? I let my phone go to voicemail. But this cop picks up and Newton says, "Yeah, the two of them on the bridge: get them out of there." Great plan, Newton. The second the cop turns to run towards the Bishops, Olivia shoots him dead.

The fabulous Bishop boys have by now set up the pneumatic hammer and seismograph, while tremors rock the bridge and Broyles arrives with a team of FBI agents. Olivia tells them that "it's started" and that Peter and Walter are on the bridge. Walter turns on the program, and the pneumatic hammer starts pounding on the bridge, but something's wrong: there's a pop-up box saying WAVE CANCELLATION FAILURE on the computer screen. Amusingly, this software that didn't exist until like ten minutes ago has programmed error messages. Walter doesn't understand what's wrong, but Peter decides that there's something wrong with his "frequency-recognition program" but he can fix it. Yeah, there's probably a plug-in or something you can download for that, right?

Olivia arrives and asks how things are going. Peter says he needs everybody off the bridge. Walter agrees, not realizing that Peter means him as well. He protests, but Olivia and Broyles pull him off the bridge. There's a shot of a lone FBI agent who remains behind, and is there anyone who watched this episode who didn't think, "Well, that guy's dead"?

So there is frantic typing on both sides of the bridge, with Peter and Newton fiddling with their setups. On Newton's screen, the two bridges align, the connecting span shimmers into v

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