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Mind Over Splatter
stand him. They don't take the time," says Luke. Olivia asks when he saw his dad last, and Luke, obviously lying, says it was a few weeks ago.

Olivia glances at Charlie, and then asks Luke if he's talked to his mom recently, if he knows what happened to his stepfather. Luke doesn't say anything, and Olivia shows him the brain-snot pictures. "I told you about Greg myself," she reminds him, and shows Luke pictures of that. Charlie comes in to be the tough cop, and says the only thing the victims have in common is that they were all close to someone who pissed off Luke's dad: "Your friend Greg here, he died because his dad fired your dad!" he says, and Luke yells, "That's impossible!" and Charlie keeps it up, "The horror show in this picture was a friend of yours. You wanna cover it up now?" Luke yells, "No!" and then decides that he wants a lawyer.

Charlie and Olivia stomp back into the observation room, where Peter asks if it's any consolation knowing she was right, and an angry Olivia shakes her head. Then she asks Charlie to wait five minutes and then release Luke. Charlie says, "What about Harass?" "Screw 'im," says Olivia. Charlie: "My thoughts exactly." Peter's completely confused. "What did I miss?" he says, and Olivia tells him to just trust her. You know, for a guy who's supposedly ridiculously smart, Peter Bishop is awfully stupid.

So after the commercial break, Luke uses a phone to call for a cab, and Olivia says to an agent on the other side of the room that she needs to hear the call, and of course buddy doesn't ask any questions, but just pushes a couple of buttons and then hands the phone to Olivia, and already Luke has been on the phone longer than I've ever needed to call a cab in my life, and Olivia hears that he's going to 1432 Braddock Street.

Peter comes in and Olivia tells him Luke's taking a cab. "One guess where he's headed," she says, and Peter says, "He couldn't possibly be that stupid," and I'd like to point out that PETER didn't see through Olivia's little plan either. "He's 19," says Olivia, which is not exactly the same as being six.

So then Olivia and Peter are following the cab, which I thought was stupid at first since they already have the address, only then I realized that if Luke is smarter than they think and gave a false address on the phone and went somewhere else, they'd be screwed. And anyway, we might as well watch Peter and Olivia because they're going to argue some more about Walter, with Peter saying the woman's just going to accuse his dad of killing her daughter, which Peter says he didn't do, but Olivia figures that's all the more reason to let them meet, and then there is some blather about closure, and Olivia says she knows what it's like to live with something unresolved. "Congratulations! You just described the entire planet," says Peter, who then says if he didn't know any better, he'd think Olivia wants Walter to have a nervous breakdown, which Olivia denies, and then they bicker some more and Peter says what Olivia said before about it being none of her business was "right on the money," and I hate to tell Peter that he's the one who brought it up.

So anyway, the taxi arrives at its destination on a dark street in a rundown area with a lot of dark, empty buildings. And, like, no traffic, so it ought to be completely obvious that they're following the cab. And Olivia tells Peter to stay in the car, and he says, "There's no way you're going in there alone!" and then she asks him nicely and he agrees to sit on his ass for the duration, as long as she calls for backup. Olivia says Harass wants her to screw it up, so if she calls for help, he'll do "whatever it takes" to make her look bad.

Speaking of Harass, he's now noticed that Luke is not there anymore, and he goes stomping into the bullpen to ask where "Dunham and the kid" are, like Olivia and Luke are a pair of Old West bandits. And he asks one suit who we've never seen before, who doesn't know, and then rather than just asking Charlie or Broyles, Harass orders someone to trace the GPS on Dunham's car.

Olivia's stalking through the warehouse, gun raised, and we can hear muffled arguing between Luke and his dad. "You actually killed Greg from here?" says a distraught Luke, and Dempsey says, "All they had to do was give me a chance! A fair shake! A chance to prove myself!"

Olivia draws closer, while Luke cries about how he used to look up to his dad, but now he's pathetic, and before Dempsey can respond, his Someone's Been In The Building For Several Minutes alarm goes off, and he's got three monitors that all show the same camera picture of Olivia looking around. Yeah, you need your security cameras to have triple coverage. Dempsey tells Luke to go: "They're coming for me, not you." Luke protests and then stomps off.

Olivia goes through a door, and we see Dempsey's cot setup, and she sweeps her flashlight around the room, and we can see Dempsey's bank of computers, but there's no Dempsey. She looks around at all the computers and monitors, and over at the mini-fridge and bachelor's mess all over the place -- this looks like the dorm room of the guy who lived next door to me in college.

Suddenly, all the monitors start playing the Who Farted? or What's That Noise? video or whatever, but it doesn't seem to hypnotize Olivia. No, she's transfixed by the monitor with the camera on top of it, because that computer seems to be displaying what the camera is looking at, i.e., Olivia walking towards it. Figures that she's drawn to her own image. She walks closer, and suddenly there's a gun pointed at her head. "Stay right where you are," growls a voice.

After the commercial break, there's Peter, fidgeting around in the car, waiting around until it's time for him to get out, because no one who's ever told to "wait here" in a movie ever does that for too long.

Meanwhile, Dempsey disarms Olivia and tells her she ruined everything: "People were going to respect me. Respect my work!" The work that murders computer users? Really? Dempsey tells her that this is where it ends, and he puts her gun under his chin while keeping the other gun pointed at her. Olivia moves towards him but he threatens to kill her too.

And still Peter waits.

God, Dempsey, if you're going to off yourself, just do it already! Enough with the diatribe! He says, "It was their fault. All of it. I just wanted them to feel the pain that they made me feel." Olivia urges him to put the gun down, and he asks why she cares if he lives or dies, especially since she knows what he's done. And Olivia can't even make up an answer for the guy?

Peter's still waiting in the car, and there are sirens far in the distance, and FINALLY he gets out and heads towards the warehouse.

Unfortunately for Dempsey, he's now caught sight of his own computer monitors and is becoming transfixed; Olivia pleads with him to look away from the screens (this raises a question for me: how did Dempsey test this thing?). "I wanna finally see my creation," he says.

Elsewhere, Peter is strolling through the warehouse, where he's confronted by a pipe-wielding Luke, who wants him to stay away from his dad. Peter tries to calm the kid down, but the sound of a gunshot sends them both running, with Luke dropping the pipe.

They find Olivia over a prone Dempsey, the back half of his head splattered behind him. Luke behaves like he's never seen his father blow his brains out before. He screams at Olivia, who says his dad went into a trance and shot himself. Luke runs screaming out of the warehouse, right into what appears to be every agent in the New England area, there at the behest of Sanford Harass, who gets to be Mr. Big Shot and tell the nineteen-year-old to get on his knees.

Later, Olivia and Peter watch as the agents mop up the scene, loading Dempsey's body in the back of a van and leading Luke away. "I don't get it. He knew he was killing those people. Why would the kid protect a murderer like that?" And the show hits us right between the eyes with it by having Olivia tell Peter, "Becaus

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