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Many a Hand Has Scaled the Grand Old Face of the Plateau
, twenty-two cars, four trucks, two buses, wind speeds of five to ten miles an hour, and that is just to start. In total, we are talking about a hundred and twenty variables in a dynamic system of differential equations. I can't solve that kind of a problem, much less manipulate the outcome to my advantage," she says. Lee's still not convinced, even as Charlie is all, "Dude, seriously? What part of zero-point-zero-zero-zero don't you get?"

And then Bad-Astrid is all quiet and Olivia asks what's up. "It happened again," says Bad-Astrid. "Bus accident, East 85th and York."

So the Fringe team is off to the accident scene, which is complete chaos. They apparently arrived before the ambulance has, and they get to work interviewing witnesses, with Lee asking a completely confused teenager if he happened to "notice a pen." The teen is all, "whuh?" because if you're a little older you at least know what pens are but if you're a teenager you're too busy sexting or whatever the hell they do in Earth-2.

Olivia's tending to the guy nearest the bus as Charlie comes over to say there was a commotion: "Dog ran into the street, distracted a bus driver. There is no way this is another coincidence." Olivia points out that this time it didn't work, because the guy under the bus is going to make it.

Then she notices an injured woman staggering to her feet ... and then a ballpoint pen rolling down the street. "It's not over," she says, half to herself. She looks around and spots Dr. Chaos, managing to stand by himself even in a crowd of onlookers on an overpass above the road. And then somewhere down the street, some poor sap puts his headphones in and starts strolling across the street and gets smacked by the ambulance racing towards the carnage. Well, if you're going to be hit by a car, I suppose an ambulance is the best possible option.

Olivia has deduced that the weird guy is the one causing this, so she goes sprinting up the nearby steps to the overpass, while he calmly grabs some poor guy's bike and throws it off the overpass, sending it crashing to the street below. The blank expression on his face doesn't change as Olivia pulls her gun on him. He's even casually put his hands back in his pockets after throwing the bike. He gets a half-smirk and Olivia tells him to put his hands on his head. He complies, but then, moments later, after a delivery van swerves to the other side of the road to avoid the bike on the street, he vaults over the side of the overpass, landing on the roof, where he turns around and smiles at Olivia. He even leans back all casually as the van very slowly drives away. I mean, is it not an option for Olivia to yell for one of the MANY LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS DOWN ON THE STREET to stop the van?

Over at the Defense Department hospital, Lee is rushing to get back into his magical healing chamber, telling Olivia to give Bad-Astrid the physical description of buddy and to run it through the database, and Bad-Astrid is already working on that. Olivia's all hung up on how the guy knew the bike would slow the truck down and swerve under the footbridge: "I mean, he didn't even look. How did he know precisely when to jump?" Lee tells her to quit worrying about how and to start worrying about why. "The victims must have something in common. There's got to be a connection we're not seeing," he says. Meanwhile, his face is starting to pulsate with all kinds of grossness (but be honest: how many of you were thinking that you wouldn't mind popping that?), so they strap him into his hyper-nanite-baric or whatever, and he's still telling Olivia to cross-check their medical files, criminal records, etc. Olivia's all, "Shut up, OK, I got it," and Lee tells her, "Someone's gotten bossy."

Now we're at a residence somewhere, where a young woman is pacing the floor when Dr. Chaos comes in. "Where have you been? They've been calling all day!" she says, and tells him he needs to call them back. He ignores her and gets a glass of water from the kitchen tap, muttering to himself: "Each liquefied thing provides an instance of the proper gift being liquid. Liquid and mass is equal. Passing through liquid and mass is the same." The girl says she'll call them if he won't. "But you won't. You see, your only action will be inaction. That's your pattern," he tells her, clarifying that ninety-seven per cent of her actions "prioritize relational bonds over other variables" and that eight out of nine times, she avoids making decisions that could result in a negative outcome. Annoyed, she snaps that she's not some collection of data for him to analyze, and they both say, simultaneously, "I'm your sister!" and she shuts up, but he continues quoting what she would have said. And every time she tries to speak, he finishes her sentences. Or sandwiches, if you're a 30 Rock fan. We learn that his name is Milo, and his sister finally gives up trying to talk, and just holds up a small toy horse, much to his consternation. "You didn't expect that, did you? Because you've forgotten what it's like to feel emotions," she says. Milo's getting edgy, but his sister continues. "You've forgotten us. Mom gave you this as a reminder, that you didn't have to do more than you were able to, that we loved you!"

"That's irrelevant now," he says, and he turns to walk away, but she tells him she doesn't recognize him anymore: "I made a mistake. When I signed you up, I didn't mean this," she says, and she holds up the damn horse again and tells him he needs to remember it. Milo slowly looks up at her, and walks away.

Over at Fringe division, Charlie is angrily hanging up on some kid who for some reason wanted to play his flute for the government agent who called looking for his mommy. Olivia laughs at him, and Charlie tells her she can talk to the next witness, and he hopes it's a tuba player.

So Olivia gets on her phone and asks to be connected to the next witness, and is surprised to find out that she needs a code. Charlie reminds her that that system was put in last month, and Olivia doesn't remember so she blames the head trauma. Charlie gets all pensive and the creepy music starts up as he fake-casually asks her if she remembers the time they went to Coney Island and rode the "Hellhole" and she got sick and threw up all over the person next to her. Olivia takes a moment to answer, and then says, "yeah," sounding like she's lying, but then busts Charlie by reminding him the he was the one who threw up all over the person next to him.

And then Olivia finds the connection between the victims: Jillian Foster consulted with Gregston Electric, which owns a subsidiary called the Ivon Medical Group, which is a vendor for Bryant Hospital, where Cole Arnett worked. Good gravy! "You're driving," says Charlie.

So they get to the place, and Charlie says, "As hospitals go, not bad," and Olivia says, "Yeah, unless it's run by an evil genius who's creating accidents to kill people," which is jumping the gun JUST a bit. Although she is joking. Anyway, at the reception desk, they identify themselves and ask to see the chief medical director, and the receptionist calls for Dr. Levin, and then quietly asks if they're being quarantined. Charlie says they're not.

Meanwhile, Olivia wanders around a little, and sees a room full of people using ballpoint pens. Although that's not what draws her attention initially. She sees Walter standing there. Unlike adult Peter, it's reasonable that she recognizes this vision: it's the Secretary, only sloppier. And smiling! She's frozen, and then Charlie's behind her, all "Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" only he's talking about the ballpoint pens. Olivia still can barely speak. And then there's Levin, and Olivia asks him about the ballpoint pens, and the doctor explains that due to their mental deficiencies, a lot of their patients have trouble "interfacing digitally," like this doctor is some kind of poet. Anyway, the pen and paper is easier. Yes, it is -- which is the exact reason that its disappearance in this universe is somehow more absurd than just about anything else

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