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History Is Written By the Losers
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We start off with more laser excavation: Walter guiding Astrid as she works the device over the amber. And by "guiding" I mean "sniping at her technique." He tells her to go slowly and says she has "all the finesse of a butcher" and not the surgeon's touch that the job requires. He backs down completely when she invites him to do better if he thinks he can, though.

I figured we were going to discover they were going through all this trouble just for an old package of Red Vines, but it turns out there's a videotape on a table that Astrid manages to free -- not even warped from the heat -- as she points out: "Not bad for a butcher." I am going to go ahead and assume that they already freed the Red Vines.

Coming out of the tunnel that's been bored into the amber of Walter's lab, the two of them meet up with Peter, coming in to announce that he got some more fuel for the van. Walter tells Peter he's got tape No. 1 but hasn't watched it yet: "I've only just liberated it," he explains. Astrid gives him a sidelong glance for taking credit for her skilled laser work but doesn't say anything.

So they pop the tape in, and we're "treated" to scenes of Videotape Walter scarfing down licorice (Present-Day Walter almost unconsciously reaches into his lab coat for some licorice so he can do likewise). There is then the bubbling sounds of a bong -- great pains being taken by the show here not to actually show Walter talking a massive hit -- and everyone watches in a- and be-musement as Videotape Walter smokes up and Present-Day Walter offers a half-hearted "I had a prescription" excuse.

And then it's down to business, with Videotape Walter welcoming everyone to Tape 3 of his plan, and everyone's pissed -- but not overly surprised -- that Walter apparently stored the tapes out of order. No. 3 here will explain one of the most crucial elements they'll need, but they have to get to Pennsylvania. The tape holds up while Videotape Walter rattles off the coordinates, but then becomes unwatchable just as Walter's about to tell them what they need to do when they get there.

So they plot the co-ordinates on Etta's iPad thingy and she asks Walter if he recognizes the location, even though she's just showing him the satellite map. Yeah, it LOOKS LIKE NORTHERN PENNSYLVANIA ON A MAP, ETTA. At any rate, Walter has no idea what the significance of the location might be. Peter notes the area looks undeveloped and asks Etta if they can get all the way out there safely. They can... if they avoid checkpoints, she says, although it's a long way to go when they don't know what they're looking for -- or, as Olivia points out, when they don't know if whatever it is is even still there.

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