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History Is Written By the Losers

At any rate, Walter says he doesn't know anyone named Donald, which I'm skeptical about just statistically speaking, but Olivia suggests that maybe it's part of the plan he doesn't remember.

Walter asks my question, which is why this was even recorded in the first place. "It was recorded because of what happened to him. He was taken away against his will by two invaders," says Edwin, showing them a picture of a couple of Observers hauling the guy away. "So they weren't happy that he'd taken those rocks," says Peter.

Walter's completely mystified as to what he'd want with rocks, but before they can figure that out, Olivia spots a little bark growth on a knuckle on his left hand. In a nice touch, Peter anxiously checks Etta for growth before himself. They're both clean, but Walter finds a little bit on Olivia's neck as well.

After the commercial break, Peter's watching anxiously as Walter removes the bark from Olivia's neck and says they're lucky, because it hasn't rooted into the dermis yet, but that won't last. "How long until it isn't removable?" asks Olivia, and Walter says "Until it isn't" instead of "I don't know."

Edwin comes along with a supply of gear apparently requested by Walter, who announces that he's going to build a suit that will allow them to go into the mine. Judging from the arm he ripped of the corpse, they'd need skin three-hundred layers thicker than a rhinoceros's to do so. Well then, I'm sure Science MacGyver here can cobble together a suit that's as protective as three hundred rhinoceroses from stuff found around a camp of refugee treepeople. "I need you to go back to the van because I need the weather-stripping," he tells Peter and Olivia. Yeah, that should do it.

Just as Peter and Olivia leave, Etta gets a call from Anil, warning her that they got a call from one of their operatives. "The loyalists are tracking you. You've got to move," he tells her.

Peter and Olivia are pulling out the van's weather-stripping and haven't been told the news about the loyalists despite being RIGHT THERE when Anil called. Peter asks Olivia if he upset her when he was talking about the restaurant, since he knows she never forgets names.

Of course not, you lummox. Olivia remembers it was Donovan's. "It's not that I can't remember. It's that I can't forget," she says. She asks if he remembers that when they couldn't find Etta that day, he drew a plan on a napkin. He does.

With flashback scenes illustrating for us, Olivia describes how Peter was talking about going up to Maine to a refugee camp he'd heard about, and even though Olivia was nodding, she was looking past Peter to the wall of missing-person flyers outside. "With every day, the odds of finding our little girl the way we wanted to find her were getting worse, and we didn't talk about it," she says.

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