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History Is Written By the Losers

And then there's this: she felt responsible. This floors Peter, so Olivia explains that she wanted so much to be a mother, but she just didn't think she was "programmed" that way. I don't know that we saw that feeling very much from her, but I do buy that sentiment.

Ever since she the Cortexiphan trials, she has felt at odds, that she was destined for something else. "So how could I have this incredible little girl? So, when we lost her, I felt like that was my punishment, my punishment for being too conflicted to appreciate her when we had her," says Olivia.

Peter is wisely letting Olivia work through her feelings on the subject, because Olivia's not done yet: That day at the restaurant, Olivia says she knew she had to go back to New York because she didn't want to find what she knew they were going to find. She believed that Etta was dead and she didn't want to see it. That's why hearing Peter say that she went back because of her strength and Etta talking today about how she admires Olivia, has been gut-wrenching for her.

Time for Peter to step in, and he tells her that he saw how she was with Etta, and he knows how much Olivia loves her. "I'm not telling you to forget it, but the past is the past," he says, urging her not to let it get in the way of the second chance their family has been given. Plus, Etta's all grown up and Peter and Olivia didn't have to worry about socking away for a university education and she's pretty self-sufficient! Etta comes traipsing up to the van to finally tell her parents that the Observers are tracking them.

Back at the camp, Walter is welding something onto his Mythbusters suit when the Bishops arrive, Olivia asking how long until the suit is finished, because the Observers are on their tail. That sets Edwin off, all "You need to leave" this and "You need to go now" because there are only three roads the team could have taken after the spot where the Observers spotted them. But Walter says he needs just one more thing for the suit: copper, which Jonathan Barkley (I don't know his real last name, so I think "Barkley" will work for everyone) is available at an encampment down the mountain that trades metals.

Edwin's not hearing it, though: "We have until morning, at best, before they find us. They'll destroy everything. All of our work will be lost," he says. Walter suggests going to the camp, but Edwin tells him to forget it: "Those men are dangerous, and they won't trade with anyone they don't know."

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