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A Day In The Life

So Nina Sharp makes small talk with Olivia, and thanks her for keeping Massive Dynamic's name out of the press during the whole Agent Scott thing. Turns out that Massive Dynamic is planning a big advertising campaign featuring Jerry Seinfeld, trying to boost their image. Nina also offers her condolences on the loss of Agent Scott. Olivia tries to find out if Nina is hinting at "rumpy-bumpy" or if she's for Olivia losing her platonic partner. "No doubt some of your male colleagues are assuming that you two were intimate," she says, and grins. Olivia basically gives it away with her humorless attitude, but they're interrupted by some lackey carrying a huge case. "The electronic pulse camera," says Nina. My closed captioning tells me she called it the "millimeter wave camera." Nine says, "Travel safe," but Olivia stands there all grumpy and ungrateful.

Back at the Harvard lab, Walter is yanking out Stacey's EYEBALL, because I guess that's what the machine needs for it to work, and can I just ask at this point WHO IS THIS MACHINE FOR? A little spotlight shines on the eyeball while Walter fiddles with it and Peter and Olivia check out the monitor. Light keeps flashing and the image gradually comes into view. Naturally, it's of the bridge. And naturally, Farnsworth recognizes it right off as Sargent Bridge in Stoughton. And naturally, it takes all of twenty seconds to pull up a three-dimensional model and rotate it to triangulate the location, and our intrepid crew is off to Stoughton's lovely warehouse district.

When they arrive, Olivia orders Peter to stay in the car. "That's just not gonna happen," he says, so of course he trails after her without even a gun, like maybe ACTUAL FBI AGENT FARNSWORTH should be covering Olivia's back. They bust in on Penrose standing over a body laid out in a makeshift operating theatre. "Is there anyone else here?" she says. Penrose doesn't answer, but something in the background crashes and bangs, so Olivia gives Peter her backup gun and cellphone, so he can call Charlie and get some backup, and she takes off after Christopher, who runs down a fire escape and into the street. Peter gets distracted long enough for Penrose to connect or disconnect something, and the woman's body convulses. Peter all discombobulated fires off a couple of shots at Penrose as the doctor takes off, and maybe if Peter would PUT DOWN THE CELLPHONE he might be a better shot.

Farnsworth is back at the lab babysitting Walter, instead of shooting at bad guys, which is apparently Peter's job now, and the phone rings. It's Peter, who tells his dad he's with a woman in her mid-20s, going into cardiac arrest. Walter calmly asks if Peter has any cocaine. Peter, annoyed, says no, which is a shame for Walter, because Peter needs to shock her heart. Peter yells that he doesn't have a defibrillator, and I think it's safe to assume that your dad knows that, which is why he asked about the cocaine.

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