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A Day In The Life

"We're supposed to believe that Grandpa here was born four hours ago," says Peter, while his father, fascinated, crouches down for a closer look. Broyles asks him if he has any ideas. "Celermitosis," says Walter. "Disabling. Reversing cell cycle inhibitors." More vaguely science-sounding things. He says he'll need to run extensive tests, with the bodies in a lab. He asks for one, and Broyles is surprised Walter doesn't remember that they've reopened his old lab at Harvard. Walter's momentarily embarrassed by his memory lapse, but then recovers to call that fantastic news. Peter wants to know why, even if all this is true, what they're doing here.

Broyles waits until they're all the way back at the lab to answer Peter, telling him about the recent inexplicable series of events being called "the Pattern." "Mr. Boyles, I consider myself a fairly intelligent guy, but I'm not following you here," he says. Olivia offers up a "weird shit be happening" stab at it, but then they're interrupted when Farnsworth comes in to say the hospital got a call from someone at the motel wanting to know if the pregnant woman was OK. She was there with a Caucasian male in his twenties. Wow, look at the team swing into action! Olivia tells Walter, who seems to be doing some tests on Loraine, that she needs him to take some samples at the motel, and he ignores her at first, then rips her head off, because he can't figure this out "with a girl buzzing in [his] ear." Peter says he'll take care of the samples, because his "limited stint" at MIT did teach him something.

Over at the motel, Olivia finds ID for "Loraine Daisy Alcott," and Peter makes fun of her name, and then finds something to sample in the bathroom: a little bit of orange gel on the sink. Olivia seems to find this significant, and then she notes that the woman's things were left behind, but not his. She squats down to examine the sheets. Peter jokingly asks if she's checking the thread count, and she says that's exactly what she's doing. Then she shines her flashlight on a cabinet and asks Peter to open it up, predicting there'll be sheets in there. There are. "OK, how'd you do that?" asks Peter.

Olivia goes stomping outside. "That's how he would do it," she mutters, adding that this guy she's talking about would go to the motel rooms first and replace the sheets with medical-grade leak-proof linen, to prevent any blood spills. She explains that there was a serial killer, victims in New York and New Jersey, that she and John investigated, but they never caught him. Peter tells her she can't beat herself up because she didn't catch "the bastard" on her "first try," although I think Loraine Daisy might beg to differ, and then Olivia yells at Peter because she has to reexamine all the cases she and John worked together, to see if there was something she missed.

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