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A Day In The Life

But looks like she's going to be back to crabby for a good long while, since she has to live with the fact that she didn't see him for what he was, and didn't stop him from doing whatever it was he did, and all I can say is that it's going to be a relief when we eventually find out that John was just trying to get a hold of the toxin to destroy it, or however they're going to make him actually turn out to be a hero. "I just wanna take a shower from the inside out." Shhhh! That's the plot from an upcoming episode! Charlie says he'll get her the files.

Over in Stoughton, Buddy drives up in some sketchy looking abandoned industrial building, and I can't believe alarm bells are not going off all over the place for Stacey, who's skipping along and saying that she just started working in that place a couple of weeks ago. Suuuuure you did, Stacey. At least it's a lot better than the one in Providence, which was a real dive, she tells Buddy, who could not appear less interested. She looks around the empty ... furniture workshop? I don't know. "Most guys take me to a hotel," says Stacey. Yeah, most guys let you live, too. Let us know if anything else seems weird, Stacey. "Those windows have a really great view of the bridge," he says. "I don't care about the bridge. What do you like?" says Stacey, all coquettish all of a sudden. He says he cares about the bridge and tells her to go look at it. Hey, the customer's always right, right? So she strolls over and looks out the window. Yep, that's a bridge, alright. She's sufficiently distracted so he can pull out his syringe o' muscle relaxant, and then he walks over and starts kissing her. She seems kinda into it. Not so much into having a needle plunged into the base of her neck, though. She goes limp pretty quickly.

Back at Harvard, Walter's using his time wisely by, um, milking Jean. "What are you doing?" snaps Peter. He snaps a lot. Walter says he's finished the testing: "You underestimate me, which I suppose I deserve."

Walter says he has "wonderful news": DNA tests confirm that the woman was impregnated by a man who's the result of experiments conducted by him in this very lab thirty years ago. "So you know how this happened," says Peter. Oh, no idea, says Walter. See, the wonderful news is that he remembered where he parked his car. "You remember where you parked your car seventeen years ago," says Peter.

And because the DNA tests are done and the milking is finished, it looks like all the chores are finished, so Walter and Peter can take a break and go visit Walter's car in a rundown, vandalized shed. Walter has no trouble remembering the lock combination (after all, as Peter notices, it's pi to six digits -- Walter really lucked out when the lock he bought turned out to have that combination!) and opens the garage door.

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