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A Day In The Life

"I can't fathom that it's still here!" says Walter. Well, that makes two of us. Peter wonders if his dad has cars stashed all over town. "Not just cars. You have no idea what I've hidden," says Walter, gleefully. Well, fine, but if I hear the word "keistered" I'm out of here. I imagine his little hoarding places will come in handy from time to time, by which I mean "every episode."

Walter starts rummaging through the car for his file boxes. There is a jar with a hand preserved in formaldehyde. "Friend of yours?" asks Peter. "Oh, I certainly hope not," says Walter. Heh. Peter walks around to the front of the car and pops the hood. "You may be able to reanimate dead guinea pigs or whatever, but I can bring anything mechanical back from the dead," he brags. Peter needn't be so flip; if there's anything this show needs, it's one hundred percent more reanimated dead guinea pigs!

So what better place for Olivia to pore over sensitive, classified case files while working on an assignment in her new EVEN MORE SENSITIVE AND CLASSIFIED department than a public park bench right out in the open at the university? Fortunately, the photos of the victims and charts detailing "pituitary excision" are nowhere near as mutilated as Olivia described. It's probably pretty hard to make someone look like their mouths have been pulled open up to their eyes. And anyway, if she were inside working in the lab where she should be, she'd be denied the opportunity to be freaked out by the ugly old backfiring station wagon that is the Fringe team's new staff car. Peter waves from the driver's seat at her. I imagine Olivia will pretend she doesn't know them.

Farnsworth helps Peter and Walter bring in Walter's files, and Walter thanks her by introducing himself to her for the THIRD time. He tells them they're looking for anything to do with sella turcica, diaphragma sellae, the pituitary gland... Olivia's all, "hey, I recognize that last one!" She tells Walter that the killer removed the pituitary gland from his victims.

Well, that narrows the search down somewhat, but Farnsworth is all, "I'm going to ask questions the viewers are going to need answered," and asks what this has to do with the woman at the hospital. Walter talks about the manipulation of the pituitary gland causing rapid premature aging, but Farnsworth still doesn't get it, so it's time for Peter to dumb it down a shade: the pituitary gland is the boss of all the hormones that cause growth, which is really all aging is. Specifically, ear hair.

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