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A Day In The Life

So the baby was just a mistake. Aw, no! He wasn't a mistake! You're never supposed to tell the children they were accidents! He was a little miracle! "Even condoms are not one hundred percent effective," Walter says, giving Olivia and Peter concerned looks. Peter's a little old to be embarrassed by his father clinically explaining that Loraine and Buddy "fornicated," too. It's not like Walter used terms like "rumpy-bumpy" or anything. Olivia figures that the painful pregnancy alerted others to Loraine's plight, and Buddy was too scared to kill her there at the motel. She's all grouchy because his MO has changed, which means they have nothing to go on.

She stomps off in a little temper tantrum. "I thought you had a way with women," says Walter to his son. He hasn't even fornicated with this one yet!

Elsewhere, Buddy is stalking around his abandoned factory lair. "Christopher!" yells someone. It's Dr. Penrose, who tells Christopher the FBI came to see him. "You got that girl pregnant," he says. Christopher nods. Penrose hugs him. "Son, we have to be so careful," he says. "Careful" like heading straight to Christopher's hideout after the FBI have made a connection between the two of them? Christopher says the pain's getting worse. "Yes, well, we're almost there. You just need to get one more and you'll be OK again."

Back at Walter's lab, the mad doctor is bickering with his son about Jules Verne and the phrase "on your mind." Are you ready for this? Verne wrote a story about the idea that the last image you see before you die is burned on your retina. So all they have to do is -- of course -- recover the electrical impulses from her eye, and for some nonsensical reason, the muscle relaxant she was given will make it easier for them to get this.

Olivia's stomped off outside to sit on a park bench looking at a pond. Peter sits down next to her, and she apologizes for "losing control," and he reminds her that he's dealing with the idea that his dad's work is responsible for all those murders. He touches her hand, and then says they may have found a way to track the guy down. They need a special piece of hardware that's very hard to find. Yes, I imagine the Eyeball Death-Image Extract-O-Tron 3000 is very difficult to come by. If only we knew of some shady high-tech firm...

So over to Massive Dynamic we go. Olivia sits in a waiting area with Broyles, surrounded by massive ever-changing pictures on the walls. Broyles says he's nervous about asking a favor from Massive Dynamic, because the corporate mind is always looking for a "quid pro quo." Skid row bro! Olivia ignores this in favor of asking Broyles why John suggested it wasn't a coincidence that she was recruited for Broyles' assignment.

Broyles ignores this and instead asks if the last time she was intimate with Agent Scott, was she safe? Olivia stares at him. "You weren't, were you?" says Broyles. Olivia starts screaming and her belly starts writhing -- and naturally it's all a big fakeout, in Olivia's mind. Broyles isn't even there.

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