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Can't Con an Honest John
HER UP, BROYLES. "Even if he was telling the truth, there's no way to confirm it," he says. Olivia says she knows the truth, and leaves to go mope somewhere else.

She shows up at the Fringe lab, which seems to be deserted, so she goes over and stands by the tank. After a moment, Walter comes in from one of the side rooms and tells her the others took Hicks to the hospital to recover. "So the antidote worked," says Olivia. Walter's a little bummed that his own "concoction" didn't do the trick. Anyway, he's off to bed, but then Olivia asks him for a favor. He looks at her, and knows what it is. "Even if you did go back in, I'm dubious you'd even be able to find him," he tells her. He explains that her brain wave patterns are returning to normal, because her mind is finally succeeding in purging itself of Scott. "Even if you could reconnect, it'd be for seconds, minutes at best, and then you would never see him again," he tells her, which to her is all the more reason to do this now.

So back in the tank she goes, and closes her eyes, and then suddenly we are in the ... what is this, The Prince of Tides? She's on a pier at a small lake. It's fall. She walks to the end of the pier, and suddenly John's right there with her. "It's beautiful out here, isn't it?" he says. Glad to see he's forgiven her for shooting him in his own damn memory! She smiles, and they look out at the water. She tells him that they caught Conrad today. He seems impressed. "I'm sorry that I doubted you. I should've trusted you," she says. He tells her that it wasn't her fault and that he always meant to tell her; he just ran out of time. And speaking of running out of time, there was one other thing: He's got a little box with a ring in it. Olivia starts to smile. He slips it on her finger. "I know we can't ever be together. Not really. Maybe I won't know the difference." She kisses him, and closes her eyes. "I love you, Liv," he says. She opens her eyes, but he's gone. In the tank, Olivia whispers, "I love you too. Oh, wait, before you go, could you tell me why, if you were good all along, did you have to try to run me off the road way back in the pilot?"

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