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Can't Con an Honest John
where John and his accomplices met.

But before they can do that, Memory John turns around and looks at Olivia, who, freaked out, draws her gun on him. "Liv, what's wrong?" he asks. Olivia tells him not to move, which the Fringe team can hear, and Walter urges her to focus on the sound of his voice.

Olivia is instead focusing on keeping Memory John from coming any closer. "I miss you," says John. Doing her best to keep from completely losing her shit, Olivia asks John about working with Conrad, who developed a biological weapon: "I want to know who he is, and who he's planning on selling it to."

John wants her to put the gun down, but Olivia won't. "I know that you're part of a terrorist cell, and tells him about Bowman being dead and Hicks dying of a virus. John looks like he's mulling this all over, and comes a little closer, which earns him a shot through the heart, and Liv's to blame.

The little scan things on the instruments the Bishops are watching go all cuckoo, and Peter wants to get her out, but Walter says it's too dangerous, and they need to "reconnect" with her before they pull her out. He starts calling her name, but she doesn't respond.

We go inside the tank again, and then the mist clears and we're in some sort of alleyway. It's raining. Olivia has added a snazzy Stylish Agent Lady vest to her ensemble. She wanders down the alley, and then suddenly John's standing there in front of her. "I want answers, John," she says. He turns away and walks towards the street. She follows him. "There he is," says John.

A car turns onto the street and drives past them. "He's a monster, Liv. Capable of creating horrible things. Weapons, which he does for no other reason than because he can. 'Cause he's curious." John points up. "And that's me," he says. Olivia looks up, and there's John up on a fire escape, holding a sniper rifle. John says none of them had ever seen Conrad before: "If I'd have known I had him in my sights, I could've taken him out right then and there. It was my most important mission, and I failed." John looks almost nostalgic, like he's looking at his college yearbook, for God's sake.

Olivia wants to know what the mission was, who he was working for. John looks at her for a long time before saying Bowman and Hicks were (are) government agents. "NSA secret task force. And so was I." Olivia doesn't believe him; she wants him to prove it. "I can't, Liv. It was black ops, a deniable operation." Also, I'm a freaking memory and not supposed to be able to talk to you at all. He says he could never tell her, that's why he wanted to. Olivia's all, well, make up for it now and tell me where the sale is going down.

Only John doesn't know about a sale. Olivia tells him Conrad's planning on selling the virus. John says he doesn't know what's going on inside Conrad's organization anymore, like I guess not, HE IS DEAD AFTER ALL, but Hicks would know: "He was privy to all that information. He has it right in his hand," says John, starting to flicker and disappear. Then he's suddenly on the other side of her. "Liv, trust Hicks. He can help you." Then he disappears in a flash again.

She starts calling his name, and all her readouts start going crazy, so that means it's time once again for the Fringe team to yank her, shuddering, out of the tank. She snuggles up to big, protective Peter.

Some time later, it looks like Olivia's had a shower and changed her clothes, and she comes back in the lab on her phone. "I understand. Thanks for checking," she says and hangs up, and then tells Peter that her "contact" at NSA couldn't confirm a single thing that John said. "Of course, John said they wouldn't be able to." Peter calls it the perfect alibi: one that can't be confirmed, but I can't think of a WORSE alibi than one that can't be confirmed. Anyway, Peter says they don't know if the antidote is working for Hicks yet, and Olivia figures they should wake Hicks up to see: "Conrad could be selling this virus as we speak, and Hicks is the only one who can tell us how this is going to go down."

Peter's skeptical, wondering if Memory John could still be lying to Olivia, and using her to tip Conrad off. "Maybe he wants to get you killed. This is a bad idea, Olivia," he says. He walks away, giving Astrid the opportunity to stick her nose in, calling Olivia the best judge of character she's ever met: "So, I guess the question is what's you're instinct? When you were with John, when you were looking into his eyes, was he for real?"

So Olivia thinks it over for a few moments, and then tells Peter to prep Hicks: "Ready or not, we're administering the antidote. Astrid smiles, all proud of herself for meddling, and Walter is actually giddy at the prospect, and Olivia puts in a call to Broyles.

So after the commercial break, Hicks bolts upright, having just been given a shot in the arm by Walter. "Sorry to wake you. Little worse than adrenalin, except perhaps lice, which is a nightmare," he says. Wait, what? Astrid tells Hicks, who looks quite freaked out, to try to breathe normally. She asks if he can hear him, and he nods. Walter goes about injecting the antidote into his IV, saying he can't guarantee it works, but he does have a recorded IQ of ... and he trails off, and Astrid supplies the answer: 196. Hicks looks quite terrified. Astrid tells him they know about the work he was doing with John Scott, and now they need his help.

So then Broyles the narrator kicks in at Boston Federal Building, bringing all the agents up to speed with all of the developments, including some that we're only seeing as Broyles explains them, like the prospective buyer of the weapon showing up at O'Hare and being arrested, and refusing to co-operate. So Hicks is going to help by relaying necessary information to Dunham, using an encrypted and untraceable two-way radio, which they implanted earlier this afternoon. I think by "implanted" they mean "used tweezers to shove in her ear."

Charlie steps up, because he's coordinating surveillance, and he explains that Conrad's intermediaries will be meeting with Olivia in Room 1021 at the Fairchild Hotel, and the FBI'll have agents ready to go in corresponding rooms when Olivia "has visual" (agents like Olivia and Jack Bauer don't see things; they "get a visual" on them) on the weapon, at which point she'll give the signal: "Christmas," says Olivia. "Now we all look forward to seeing how she works that into conversation," says Charlie, breaking up the room a little, and then Broyles tells everyone to get it done, or maybe it was "git 'r done." Probably not, though. Olivia and Peter lock eyes across the room, and Olivia practically withers under Peter's steely gaze of disapproval. Peter, this is what she DOES.

So the FBI agents swarm the hotel and get set up in their various rooms while Olivia awaits the arrival of Conrad's intermediaries in the lobby. Charlie alerts her that the seller has pulled up in front of the hotel and is making a phone call.

In the lobby, Olivia says, "You didn't have to come with me, you know," and PETER is sitting right there in a suit, and I guess Peter managed to convince the FBI that he should tag along on this crucial mission to recover a deadly biological weapon because "shady deals with shady guys in shady hotels is [his] MO," like what kind of ridiculousness is this? Peter also says that if someone is going to kill you, it's a good idea to have an ally in the room. Olivia says she isn't scared, which Peter says doesn't mean she's being safe. No, but bringing along a civilian on an undercover mission, that makes things a LOT less dangerous, right, Peter?

Anyway, Olivia smiles at Peter and then asks Astrid how they're doing. Back at the lab, Astrid has Hicks ready to go on speaker phone, and Walter chimes in to let Olivia know what Hicks' BLOOD PRESSURE is for some reason, and Olivia asks if these guys are going to expect "bona fides," and asks Hicks to tell her what she needs to know. Hicks says they're going to be suspicious because they've never seen her before (thanks for the insight, Hicks) so

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