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Can't Con an Honest John
she should tell them she used to work with Anderson. Also, Ernesto flew in for the meeting, but he got called back to "the basement" and couldn't come. "What do you mean, 'called back to the basement'?" asks Olivia. Hicks tells her just to say it, and they'll understand. "You're not messing with me, are you , Hicks?" asks Olivia, and Hicks says, "You trusted John Scott, right? Then trust me," which is a stupid thing to do if John Scott really was a traitor, isn't it?

So the seller comes strolling into the lobby with his bodyguards, and Olivia gets up with her steel briefcase to go greet him, Charlie unnecessarily telling her to be careful. "You're Gavin. Susan. I used to work with Anderson," says Olivia, holding out her hand to the guy. He stands there looking at her for a few seconds before shaking it and saying he was expecting someone else. Olivia tells him what Hicks told her to about Ernesto. Not taking his eyes off Olivia, Gavin points at Peter and says, "Who's he?" Olivia indicates Gavin's thugs and says, "Who are they?" at which point I'm surprised Gavin didn't crack up laughing at Olivia trying to pass Peter off as some kind of security. Gavin says they'll sweep her and get to business, so they walk off to the elevator.

In the hotel room, one of Gavin's thugs waves an electronics/metal detector or whatever over Olivia's body, with Gavin staring at her. There's a tense moment when the thing starts to go haywire near Olivia's left ear, so she brushes her hair aside to indicate her long dangly earring. "She's clean," he says, instead of saying, "Hey, why didn't this thing go off near her OTHER ear too?" Gavin asks for the money and Peter hands over the briefcase. Gavin opens it to see bundles of currency I'm not familiar with, and hands it over to one of his men for counting, which he assures Olivia is just a formality. The goon runsthe bills through one of those money shuffling counter things, and Gavin asks Peter if they've met before: "You look familiar. Did you work with Anderson too?" Peter considers this while Hicks tells Olivia that they're testing her: "You tell him Peter met Anderson at New College at Oxford." That's what Olivia says, adding, for effect, "Isn't that right?" And Peter has to get all gruff with, "What does it matter to you where I met anyone?" like now Peter is ACTIVELY trying to get the two of them killed. Gavin asks if they met on campus. Hicks tells Olivia that he doesn't know the answer, and Peter has to think about it for an awful long time while Gavin stares at him, and Peter finally says, "We met at the White Horse. On Wheatly Road. You know it?" and Gavin says he doesn't recall, and Peter says he would, because the Thai food is fantastic, and blah blah blah, and offering to describe what each of them was wearing was a bit much. One of the FBI agents in the surveillance room is all, "Where the hell did he come up with that?" and Charlie all gloomily says he has no idea, probably thinking about adding a chapter to the FBI agents' handbook: "How To Get Killed Undercover: The Peter Bishop Case Study."

So the money's all there, and Olivia, Peter and Gavin all go to sit down. Gavin says he's skeptical that they'd come at all: "I thought it would be Paris all over again." Hicks tells Olivia to tell him that was because of the French intelligence report, and he knows it. Olivia does so, while Peter shiftily looks from Olivia to Gavin, like I'm surprised Peter didn't blurt out, "Nice one, Olivia!" Gavin nods, but points out that this is a larger purchase.

One of his goons comes in with a huge black briefcase, and opens it up. There are two large rounded beakers that look light blue and ... are glowing? And a smaller vial. Gavin's cellphone rings, and he answers it, and then says OK. To Olivia: "Conrad would like to see you?" Olivia, unable to contain her surprise, asks when. "Now. He's on his way," says Gavin.

One of the agents in the surveillance room is all, "What's going on? Do they have the package? Why isn't she calling the raid?" Charlie tells him it's because Conrad's coming: "She doesn't want to scare him off. She wants to get him. She's waiting for Conrad," says Charlie, shaking his head either at Olivia taking the risk or the knucklehead FBI agent who needed it all explained to him.

Back in the hotel room, Gavin pulls out the smaller vial and tells her it's a "reverse mutator." Is that even possible? Wait, a man turned into a porcupine. I withdraw my question. "It would take you years to reverse engineer an antivirus. It's why the purchase price is so high," says Gavin. Well, that, and the overhead. Those two thugs aren't cheap, I imagine. While a stunned Hicks looks at Walter, Gavin explains the formula itself is "deceiving in its complexity."

Olivia says they shouldn't have a need for it, and Gavin says it's only in case of accidental exposure, which he assures her would be fatal. But Olivia's got a problem now. Gavin, sounding skeptical, asks, "Now why wouldn't Ernesto call me back himself? And tell me someone else was coming to meet?" At the Fringe lab, Hicks starts shaking, and his nose starts bleeding. Walter tells Astrid to get him a tranquilizer, and Astrid frantically alerts Olivia that Hicks is transforming.

But Gavin's waiting for an answer, and a slightly unnerved Olivia lamely says, "How would I know? I'm not Ernesto's mother." Gavin wants to at least know who Ernesto was meeting. Hicks, meanwhile, is convulsing and bleeding and presumably moments away from turning into a porcupine, and all the FBI agents are sitting there looking tense, and Gavin puts his gun down on the table. "I asked you a simple question. Who was Ernesto meeting?" Astrid urges Hicks to give her a name, somebody, anybody else in the operation, but Hicks is about as coherent as a frat boy on the first night of spring break. "Hicks is out!" Astrid yells at Olivia, who looks like she's passing a kidney stone.

After the commercial break, Gavin asks again: "Who was your colleague meeting?" No answer from Olivia, and one of Gavin's goons starts getting his gun ready. In the next room, the dingbat FBI agent asks Charlie if they should move in.

Since the cavalry's not forthcoming, Peter jumps to his feet, and all the bad guys start pointing their guns at him, and he says, "That's enough!" and tells Olivia to tell them, because he's not getting "greased over Ernesto's dirty little secret," and Olivia, playing along (I think) tells him to shut his mouth, so Peter says Ernesto is dying, but doesn't want anyone to know.

Despite everything obviously going to hell in the next room, Charlie is still waiting for Olivia to give the signal to move in. Olivia, meanwhile, is pretending to chastise Peter for spilling the beans, and so they argue, and then there's Conrad (presumably) strolling in. Hey, it's Mikey Palmice from The Sopranos! "Gavin! Who are these people?" he says. Gavin says according to them, Ernesto's sick. Olivia says, "It's true. He found out the day before Christmas." Then she and Peter share a meaningful look and might as well have said, "Nudge nudge, wink wink." Conrad says he spoke to Ernesto this morning: "He's fine. Kill them both right now." Gavin steps forward with his gun in Olivia's face, which is when the FBI teams bust in and Olivia and Peter start cracking a couple of skulls while the other agents handcuff everybody.

Conrad's bent over, hands behind his back, and Olivia strolls over to say, "John Scott says hi."

Back at the federal building, Olivia's in Broyles' office. He tells her that Conrad Etienne Moreau is a French citizen wanted in at least half a dozen biological attacks, and those are just the ones they know of. "He's been manufacturing biological weapons and distributing them on the black market for years. And you caught him." By which he means that Olivia might try cracking a smile. Which she does, but then grouches that "I didn't do it alone." Broyles tells her that despite the successful outcome of the case, John Scott's still a traitor as far as the department is concerned, like NICE JOB CHEERING

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