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The Physicist's Nightmare

Peter wanders into the lab from god knows where and asks Astrid (poor, poor Astrid) where his father is. She shrugs, because she was too busy on Craig's List looking for a real job to keep track of Walter. Olivia arrives at that point, also wanting to see Walter. Astrid and Peter get a little nervous then. As Astrid goes to check the cafeteria (off camera naturally) Olivia tries to tell Peter that David Robert Jones shot Nina Sharp, but Peter is in the middle of a phone call trying to track down his dad. No one knows where Walter is and Olivia starts to feel a little guilty about yelling at Walter at the pastry shop about the Cortexifan trials. Peter lets her off the hook way too easily for someone who made his old man cry, in public! He more or less shrugs, which I think is unrealistic considering the developing relationship between Peter and Walter. Peter is sure that Walter is just back at the hotel eating ice cream and reading US Weekly. So he's sulking. Or PMSing. Or maybe took acid again?

Cut to Walter not at all in a hotel room, but, rather, in a cemetery staring mournfully at a grave. In the woods watching him is the bald headed pale guy we'll call Powder in a shout out to a 90s film I never actually saw. Over at the hospital, Nina awakes to the unrelenting and intense gaze of Agent Broyles. As Nina stares at the damage done to her arm, and her fingers are wiggling like a bug on a pin, or what I assume a bug on a pin looks like, not having committed that particular atrocity myself, Broyles tells her that it was David Robert Jones. He wants to know what he did to her arm, but she won't tell him. Dunham, she wants Dunham. Well that probably hurt Broyles' feelings.

A black van pulls up on a rainy street. The Invisible Man gets out with his team. They set up a bunch of equipment in the middle of the street. They are in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn, which is actually where they do nine-tenths of their filming, but let's just keep up the illusion that this show is filmed in Boston, eh? As a viewer who lives like five blocks from where they do all the bulk of their filming it is particularly annoying. Anyway, if anyone cares to stalk me and yell at me about my overuse of parentheticals, my house is five blocks from this scene and I buy coffee on that there street corner and my friend lives across the street and my aged Chihuahua has definitely peed on that lamppost. So there you go.

At the hospital, a team of Massive Dynamic experts is working on Nina's arm. When they finish, Nina tells Broyles and Dunham that Jones used to work for Massive Dynamic, but was let go. She won't go into the details, but she assures them that Jones knows a lot about the inner workings of the mega-corporation. She goes on to tell them that in the last few weeks Jones has been lurking around MD HQ looking for William Bell. He sent flowers, an edible arrangement, even sat under their boardroom window with a boombox and played "In Your Eyes" really loudly until security tackled him. Dunham wants to bring Bell into protective custody, but she can't because Nina doesn't know where he is. She hasn't seen Bell in months, they only communicate via email. But she knows Jones is looking for him and if he finds Bell first, all the answers Olivia is searching for will die with William Bell. She then promises Olivia that if she saves Bell and stops Jones, that she will personally arrange a meeting with William Bell. Olivia looks intrigued by the arrangement. But first, a question: what did Jones do to Nina's arm? Nina grimaces as she explains that Jones stole a very powerful all purpose energy cell that William Bell hid in her arm. A cell so powerful that he can do almost anything he wants with it. Um, hold up, he hid something in your arm?? I hope you get paid a lot for that job, honey. Also, serious worker's comp claim. HR is going to hate this.

Meanwhile, Jones is still in the middle of the street in (ahem) Boston and puts what I can only assume is the aforementioned energy cell (which looks like a cross between a CO2 cartridge and a AA battery with a radiation warning on it, just in case you run across one) into a box on a stand. The team of evildoers mutters about whether something is working and a weird patch of light shows up. A semi truck appears to be barreling towards them. It hits the light patch and someone does a pretty good Scotty impersonation and yells "It can't hold!" and then the patch disappears as does the back tires of the truck that is still barreling toward Jones and his fucked up face that is peeking through the bandages. The back of the truck drags on the street, shooting sparks in the air and comes to a halt mere feet from Jones. He takes off his sunglasses to make us all barf at his peely skin and blanched eyeball. I know no one cares but me, but my kid's first word was eyeball and I still think it's hilarious.

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