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The Physicist's Nightmare

Powder and Walter stand on a beach staring at something off camera. He hands Walter a coin and asks him if he recognizes it. Walter asks him how he got it. It's like a liberty dollar or something. Walter asks him where he got it and Powder explains, er, better put that in quotes -- he "explains" that it looked the like coin he was thinking of, but it comes from another place because there is more than one of everything. See why the quotes were important? He adds that he said too much, but is not supposed to get involved. He has taken him as far as he can, but he has to leave him now. He wants to know if Walter remembers the house (which is what they are staring at) and Walter does, but he does not remember what he is supposed to be finding in that house. Powder speaks like he is a Zen master, which could actually explain the bald head. But not the black suit. And wasn't he driving people to their deaths last time he was here? Probably annoying them so much with his damn sparse yet nonsensical jibber jabber that suicide was the only option. I'm damn near sticking the old head in the goldfish bowl and I've only been watching him for a few minutes. Powder tells Walter he must try to remember and there isn't much time. He then turns and walks away leaving Walter on the beach, looking confused. He walks up to the house, which we now see is boarded up.

Astrid is hard at work trying to make herself relevant when Nina Sharp walks into the lab. Astrid looks surprised to see her and Nina assures her that the reports of her death were greatly exaggerated. Broyles follows Nina into the lab and they question Astrid about the last time she saw Walter and whether he was acting strangely. Astrid stares at them for a minute, because, seriously guys how can you ask that question with a straight face. Of course Walter was acting strangely that is his entire raison d'etre. Astrid coyly replies that he was acting no stranger than usual. When she asks whether she should be concerned, Peter joins the conversation. Nina and Broyles (I can't write Sharp and Broyles, it sounds like an appliance manufacturer) explain that David Robert Jones has been on the attack and he took something that Walter most likely knows about. You would think they would narrow it down since Walter knows something about damn near everything. Well except social etiquette. Astrid reminds them that Walter gets lost more often than they probably realize. Broyles tells them not to worry and smiles, but then he and Sharp both call their teams and put out APBs. Nina's phone isn't so much a phone as, well, pyrex? Or you know when Superman is in the Fortress of Solitude and he moves stuff around by rearranging large crystalline stalactite looking rods? It kind of looks like one of those. She's so future.

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