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The Physicist's Nightmare

Back at the soccer field, some extra in an FBI jacket is picking up something that looks like a helmet off the ground. Which does not bode well for the helmet wearer. Agent Francis is interviewing a witness. The guy explains that he was on the soccer field and he saw a shimmer of light, like in a heat wave, like something was there, but it wasn't. The slightly dim Agent Francis asks, "what do you mean like it was there, but wasn't?" Like he didn't just get an entire briefing on the fact that Jones is in hot pursuit of an alternate reality and the truck, remember the truck Francis? Oh well. Maybe the hybrid scorpion monster eggs ate just a wee bit of his brain. Francis goes to fill Dunham in and I'm really hoping she has additional resources to draw upon because Agent Francis just does not seem to get it. He tells her that the kids are playing on the soccer field, the window appears, and the guy runs into the window. The FBI agent lifts the blanket to reveal three quarters of a body (gag!). The man's head and one shoulder and arm are missing. Shorn clean off. Agent Francis asks how something like that could happen. Can someone get Agent Francis a flowchart please! Olivia manages to barely respond at all to the decapitated plus body. She and Francis try and figure out why Jones would appear first in New York and now in Providence. What is he looking for? Cheap real estate?

Back in Boston, wait, really? Did they improve Acela service or something, because that was quick. Agent Dunham assigns some poor lackey the task of looking back through all the agency's files to find anything related to science, biology, or unexplained phenomenon. Wow, that seems like unnecessary roughness. Eh, he probably took the last cinnamon bun at the breakfast meeting. That'll teach him. Dunham starts pouring through the many many many files that come pouring into her office. She puts up a picture of Jones sans bandages (do cops really do that? Every cop show has them finding a picture of their villain and tacking him up to their vision board.) and then using thumbtacks maps out all the incidences involving biology or science or unexplained phenomenon. It looks like a Mastermind game board when she's done. I guess they don't have a computer program that can do this. The FBI should really consider doing some cross-agency hooking up with CTU on 24. I mean they could get that shit done in about two minutes while Jack is under fire with his thumb holding back the detonator on a nuclear weapon with one hand, raining down fire and brimstone with the other and still managing the time to make sweet sweet love to his woman while unraveling a vast criminal conspiracy. Agent Dunham stares at her cute little thumbtack map (note to self: move to west coast) and then charges out of the room. She has a thought. She asks Broyles to call Nina Sharp. She thinks she found a connection between the mean streets of New York and the park in Providence.

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