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The Physicist's Nightmare

Back in Boston, Olivia is packing up the thousands of files littering her office. Broyles comes in to check on her. While normally he would ask when he could expect her report, he's at a loss. And, really, who wants to see a report on a man severed in half lengthwise? Probably the same guy who wants a report on spinal fluid sucking monsters or a virus that seals up orifices. So she'll have his report in the morning? Olivia asks after Nina and Broyles extends her gratitude to Olivia for "catching" Jones before he could take out William Bell. Broyles stands there silently and Olivia asks what is going on. Broyles bleakly reports that they have been ordered to cease and desist any investigation into William Bell. Olivia can't believe her lousy luck. Why do I get the sense that orders mean very little to her?

Astrid comes back to the lab with a bag of groceries. Walter is gone again, but he left a note. Peter looks concerned as he opens it. The note simply says that Walter is stepping out for a bit and for Peter not to worry. Astrid asks if she should call the police, but Peter stops her. He is happy because this is the first time Walter has ever left him a note. Their little boy is growing up. So where is Walter? He's back at the graveyard he visited with Powder. He puts one of the coins Peter liked so much on a headstone. He is crying as stares at the grave. The camera cuts to the headstone and it reads: Peter Bishop 1978-1985. Oh shit. That was unexpected. I guess we know what Walter lost and had to collect from the other side.

Olivia's phone rings and when she answers it, it is Nina. Since Olivia lived up to her end of the bargain and caught Jones (or at least stopped him), Nina is going to set up a meeting with Bell. She invites Olivia to Manhattan tomorrow and instructs her not to tell anyone where she is going or what she is doing. She unnecessarily adds that Olivia should come alone. Olivia drives into Manhattan, and despite being a Boston driver, even she can't handle NYC driving and almost gets in a crash. She is understandably jumpy when she finally gets to the hotel where she is supposed to meet Nina. She waits and waits and Nina doesn't arrive. She finally calls Massive Dynamic and is incredibly unhappy when she finds out Nina is out of the country. She stomps over to the elevator, pushes the down button and descends. There is a bright light, a crowd appears around her, the light flashes, the crowd is gone, and the door opens onto a white hallway. A long-legged woman greets Olivia and shows her into an office. She stares around the office in confusion. A door opens, a man comes in, his face shrouded in shadow. He announces that he has a waited a very long time for this. Olivia cuts to the chase: where are they and who the heck is he? He seems to smile a little as he explains that the answer to her first question is complicated. As for the second question, he's William Bell. He steps out of the shadow and we see that it is: Leonard Nimoy!! All hail! He grins impishly, as if knowing that legions of Trekkies are swooning right now at his return to the small screen. Man, I could not be more surprised if William Bell was played by Andrew McCarthy. Anyway, Bell settles on the edge of the desk as Olivia doesn't respond at all, but swivels around the room trying to get the lay of the land. The camera pulls back and back and we see that they are in an office on a floor in the World Trade Center building. Both towers are still standing. Wow.

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