Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There

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Next thing we know, Walter's retracing his decades-old steps to Cedar Street, which is decidedly less sun-dappled and bucolic. Also, there appears to be a security camera that has spotted him, thanks to a facial recognition program -- and it seems to me that maybe none of the Fringers should be going ANYWHERE if things are like this; I mean, how can Olivia or any of them get on a goddamn monorail in anonymity if the Observers have face-recognizing security cameras everywhere? Anyway, Walter finds the apartment building, and it's considerably the worse for wear, with bombed-out rooms and scorch marks and broken windows.

He heads inside and wouldn't you know it, the ol' battle-axe nosy neighbor is still there, only she's got much whiter hair. And I might need to rewind it to be sure, but I'm pretty sure she didn't have that bionic eye before either. She tries to ask Walter if she knows him, but he ignores her and says he needs to get into Apartment 413, so is it occupied? She says the fourth floor has been "red-tagged" for twenty years and nobody goes up there.

Well, Walter does! He moves past her and she asks what his business here is. "None of yours," he snaps, before heading up the stairs, which is a dangerous proposition given the large hole blown out of the wall.

He finds Room 431 and has to put his shoulder to the door to get it open. After hanging his hat and coat up -- a nod to etiquette probably unnecessary in the mostly bare room, dust on the floor thick enough for Walter to leave footprints. He walks to the centre of the room and, consulting his notes, takes what appear to be a series of proscribed steps: a couple forward, to the left, back right, back again, to the left, spin around -- and then he steps forward... and disappears.

After the opening credits, Walter's in a surreal blue-tinged netherworld, where the windows on the walls slide from side to side.

Back in the Harvard lab, Astrid comes in, surprised to find the place dark and empty. Olivia and Peter aren't far behind her and Astrid asks if they know where Walter is. Man, the answer to that question is always "No" and the results are always disastrous. Astrid says she think he left, because his bed hasn't been slept in, he left the amber laser on and on the floor and the tape they were working on last night is already out of the amber. "He knows better than to go out alone. What the hell is he thinking?" growls Peter.

So the watch the tape, which is showing Walter taking a bus south on Quincy Street to Worcester Union Station and babbling about the "unique and efficient hiding place for a critical piece of the plan to defeat the Observers," at least when the Nosy Neddy in the seat behind him isn't listening over his shoulder. "What we have done is we have opened a space in the membrane that separates the two universes. A 'pocket universe,' if you will," says Walter. It's undetectable to the Observers' instruments, says Walter, and many of the usual laws of physics don't apply. This may seem like a dumb question, but if this space is not detectable by the Observers, why didn't Walter hide THE WHOLE PLAN there? Walter also appears too distracted by a pastry shop to finish such seemingly crucial sentences as "Do not, under any circumstances -- is that raspberry filling?"

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