Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There

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After the commercial, a frightened Walter asks the guy -- who has not strangled Walter in the interim -- if he's Donald, and the guy says his name is Cecil. "How did you get here? Do you know how to get out of here?" he asks Walter. He's got a screwdriver or something pressed against Walter's neck. Walter says he does know but Cecil never will if he keeps threatening him.

Cecil relinquishes his hold on Walter and the two men step back from each other. Walter asks how Cecil ended up here. Cecil says he was in one of the apartments and the Resistance must have been in the area, because the "invaders" hit the whole block with light bombs. "The last thing I remember was a flash. And then I woke up here," he says. Walter figures the force of the explosion of the light bombs must have blown him in here and likely saved his life. "When did this happen?" he asks, and Cecil says it was five days ago, which is perplexing to Walter since there's no food or water here. "There's water," says Cecil, who then balks at showing Walter where it is, because, "It's mine." Walter takes a step forward and menacingly tells Cecil that if he ever hopes to get out of there, he'll show Walter where it is.

Meanwhile, Astrid, Peter and Olivia have turned up at Cedar Street, which of course looks a lot worse off than it does in the video. "You sure this is the right place?" asks Peter. (Like, take a look around you, Peter -- all of Boston is one giant fixer-upper now.) Astrid shows him the original, untouched fa├žade on the video via the viewfinder on the video camera, which they've brought along and which I think I can guarantee is a much more modern home video camera than anything that ever produced Betamax tapes.

Meanwhile, like the first draft of a crappy Lionel Richie song, Cecil and Walter are walking on the ceiling. Walter's quite tentative as he steps over doorframes and around ceiling light fixtures, but Cecil assures him he won't fall. They make their way down the upside-down corridor to where water dripping from the ceiling is being collected in a little bowl on the floor. "I've managed almost half a cup every night," says Cecil, pulling the bowl from the floor and taking a sip. Walter looks at the wall and thinks there's some kind of refrigeration unit or something causing the condensation. Cecil says he's been all around the place every which way and there's nothing on the other side of the wall. As you can imagine, that's not good enough for Walter, who wants to have a look for himself and he tells Cecil to follow him.

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