Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There

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Walking faster now -- it helps they're on a proper floor again -- Cecil and Walter stride down a hallway, with Cecil demanding to know how it is Walter knows his way in and out of here. Walter says it's because he's been here before, but he just can't remember it. I'm sure that clears everything up for Cecil.

The rest of the gang are following in Walter's footsteps, and are surprised Walter apparently negotiated the stairs half-blown apart by the hole in the wall. "Walter's full of surprises today," Peter says, darkly. You should talk, Peter. Really, at this point, they're assuming Walter even made it this far, instead of, you know, getting rounded up by the Observers and Loyalists who are supposedly on the lookout for all these fugitives.

Anyway, Cecil and Walter are still walking around, with Cecil saying he thought they were getting out of here. "Not until I find what I came for," says Walter, barely paying attention to the guy. "For a while, I thought this was purgatory," says Cecil. Yeah, J.J. Abrams gets that a lot.

Walter asks what Cecil's done to deserve purgatory and Cecil admits the apartment he was in wasn't his. "I was stealing things. I wouldn't have been there otherwise," says Cecil. Walter asks what could have been worth stealing in those bombed-out apartments. "They weren't bombed-out when I got there," says Cecil.

That pulls Walter up short. "You've been here five days, right?" he says to Cecil. That is correct. But the building was blown up twenty years ago, soooo... "What year is it?" Walter asks Cecil. "It's 2016," he says. Bzzzt! Wrong! It's 2036. Would you like to go for Double Jeopardy, where the scores can really change?

Walter offers absolutely no explanation for this and keeps on walking, but Cecil is all, "Uh, HOLD UP A SECOND" and Walter gives him the briefest of rundowns: "This is a pocket universe. Time and space loop in on themselves here. So you can't get out. That's why it just seemed like days to you," he says.

Cecil, understandably dumbstruck by this, says, "My wife is waiting for me." "Not anymore," says Walter coldly, adding "Let's go," as he walks past Cecil down the hall.

Astrid, Olivia and Peter have found Room 431, and spot Walter's footprints (well, really they could be anyone's) in the dust. "He must have gone into the pocket," says Olivia. Peter figures there's only one way to find out and -- using the video camera to guide him -- starts following the steps that Walter took. When he gets to the final "And step out" instruction, he takes Olivia's hand and the two of them step forward... and into the pocket universe.

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