Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There

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They spend a moment or two looking around, getting their bearings and then Peter notices that the tape is now playing a recording where back in the lab it had gone to black, but there's more footage now. "How is that possible?" asks Olivia. Because the universes are just like VCRs with different recording speeds for tapes? That's HILARIOUS.

Anyway, the instructions continue on the recording, with Walter giving them directions (with help from this Donald fellow) out the door and down the hallway. Peter looks around at the shifting walls and windows and Escher-esque impossibilities and says it's like something Walter would have designed when he was tripping. Speaking of that, how much drugs does Walter have access to in 2036? Did he use up all the weed that he had in the bong already? He must have some acid squirreled away somewhere. Or maybe not and that's why he's so grouchy lately. Anyway, Peter and Olivia continue on, following Video Walter's directions: "What you're about to find is very important," he says. And neither of them says, "Hey, what about Astrid?" or "Hope Astrid's OK on her own" or anything. Because -- and not that Peter or Olivia would realize this, but Walter would -- if this "one day equals 20 years" is some kind of ratio, then five minutes here equals just over five days in the regular universe, if my math is correct. But I'm not a super-genius like Walter and regular laws don't apply inside, right. Never mind.

Anyway, back in Manhattan, Windmark is scribbling away in his notebook -- here's hoping that the good folks at Moleskin will still have jobs two decades into the Observer occupation -- when another Observer comes in to tell him that Walter Bishop has been sighted in Quadrant 9. Man, that was a long time ago. Nice alert system, Observers. Windmark asks if the guy is certain. He is, and Windmark -- very dramatically -- puts on his fedora. It takes him ten seconds to get ready, the guy's a total pro.

Anyway, Peter and Olivia follow Walter's directions. Walter appears to really be enjoying himself -- dramatically telling the camera, "If you continue on to where the hall you're in dead-ends, you will find that it's not a dead-end at all!" Sure enough, Olivia finds the end of the hallway an optical illusion and ducks around another corner, with Peter following her as they listen to Walter telling Donald that it doesn't look like the camera's recording because the light's not on, with Donald assuring him it is recording.

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