Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There

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Then Peter and Olivia realize that Walter is talking to someone other than Donald on the video... someone who's afraid for some reason. Video Walter is assuring the off-camera person that there's nothing to be afraid of: "...Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There? This place is like that," Walter tells whoever it is.

Just then though, Peter and Olivia hear a noise and start running down the hallway, thinking it's Walter and moments later they do catch up with him, as he's muttering, "There's nothing in there" as he comes out of a room.

Peter scolds Walter for leaving the lab alone and Walter is a mixture of confusion, guilt and anger -- he seems surprised at himself for doing so: "All I thought about was retrieving what was on that tape. I couldn't think about anything else. All I cared about was finding the next piece of the plan," he explains, a little testily.

Cutting the tension, Olivia asks about Walter's friend -- Cecil's hovering around in the background, so she asks if that's Donald. "No, that's collateral damage," says Walter. Aw, he's only known the guy a few minutes and already he's coming up with cute nicknames for him! "That's Cecil. He is completely irrelevant to the plan," snaps Walter, who explains that he was blown in here by an explosion twenty years ago, but for him it's been only days: "Everything within this pocket wraps in on itself, including time. That's why we have to hurry and find whatever it is I hid here," he says.

Walter hurries forward, but Peter stops him by pointing out there's more on the tape that he couldn't have seen outside the pocket -- Walter realizes the "time anomalies wouldn't allow the camera to operate properly and then has a look through the viewfinder.

Video Walter is babbling about how the key is to know what you're looking for: "In this case, we're looking for the apple. The forbidden fruit. The root of all knowledge," he says.

Then he adds to the not-Donald off-screen -- who, judging by Walter's sight-line is much shorter than he is -- "It will mark the place where you'll be staying for what I promise will be a short time." Reaching out his hand, he promises whoever it is that he'll be safe and comfortable.

Taking his hand and stepping into the frame is a little bald-headed kid who Walter doesn't recognize, much to Peter's surprise. "It was a case that we worked. The boy, he was living underground. A demolition site," says Peter. Olivia gently reminds him that maybe Walter didn't experience the case in the same way he did. Oh yeah -- I have completely lost track of who is in what timestream and how things are affected, I gotta admit. (And I kinda hoped we were done with all that in 2036, but what's done is done.) Olivia explains to Walter that at first they thought he was just a boy, but then he demonstrated empathic abilities that helped them find a murderer. This impresses Walter, who nevertheless wonders why he would have needed an empath. Look, I'm sure empaths are like smartphones -- no one needs one, but you have one for a little while and you wondered how you ever lived without one.

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