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The Sound of the Death of the Mind
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Impressionistic scenes of the happy family in a park: Peter (with wedding ring), Olivia and (presumably) Henrietta, who's happily blowing dandelion seeds all over creation. The surface happiness of the scene is undercut by audible-but-incomprehensible whisperings, so it's not much of a surprise when bliss turns to menace (of course, that describes many an opening on this show). In short order, we see a building in the distance vaporize from the skyline, while all over the park Observers are winking into view, making this one of the easier spot-the-Observer episodes in the show's history.

People run in terror as the Observers march implacably through the park, and Peter yells for Henrietta to come to him. She stands still, frozen in fear, while he races to her.

But before he reaches her, there is some sort of jolt and suddenly he's in a makeshift emergency room, Olivia nearby and getting treatment. Peter frantically looks and asks after Henrietta, but no one has seen anything.

Then Peter wakes up, and looks nearby to see his dad sleeping on the couch. Oh, so it was just a dream, and we're back to present day! Well, not exactly. Peter goes into a bedroom, where we see fully grown Henrietta, who sits up when he enters and asks if he's OK. He smiles and says he was just checking up on her, and then he walks out, leaving Henrietta to pull out her bullet necklace and look pensive before laying her head back down on the pillow.

Back in the living room, Walter sits up from the couch, looking concerned about something. Shimmers on the wall prompt him to look outside, and it's just the reflection of the sun off the hood of an abandoned taxi. Whole damn place looks abandoned.

In the kitchen, Astrid is playing some sort of Scrabble-esque game on a holographic display. She hands Peter a mug of tea and "egg sticks," which she found in the fridge and are apparently what they eat here in the year 2036. So this is right after "Letters of Transit," then. Peter strolls out as Astrid starts arguing with the computer over whether "Naughahyde" is a valid word. Astrid argues that it was a "very popular brand of premium pleather" but unless this is one of those Scrabble-esque variation abominations that accept brand names, Naughahyde isn't going to fly.

It's seven in the morning, but Walter still chastises Peter for letting him oversleep, since they should have been on their way to find Olivia already. Peter advances the position that the quest for Olivia will be immeasurably improved if Walter puts some pants on, and Walter snaps that he knows he doesn't have pants on. Anyway, he points to the map with the location -- in Columbus Circle -- where Olivia was calling from right before she disappeared.

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