Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11

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The Sound of the Death of the Mind

They're interrupted by Henrietta -- damn, can't parents get a moment's peace? -- who pops outside to tell them to come in. Young lady, I know it's the year 2036, but I'm sure your parents raised you to say "please," even in just the three years you had with them!

Inside, Etta introduces them to Anil, who says it's an honor to meet them. Sure, glad to add a few time-displaced Fringe agents ready to amber themselves at a moment's notice for the next two decades!

He identifies the gadget Olivia retrieved for Walter as a "transilience thought unifier, model eleven," which retrieves specifically marked thoughts in your mind and unifying them, keeping them hidden from prying eyes until you want to access them. "But it doesn't seem to work any longer," he says. Typical shoddy workmanship, these days. When I was kid, thought unifiers lasted forever. "It has to be the plan. It was fragmented and hidden on Walter's hard drive by September," says Peter.

Speaking of Walter, Astrid reports that they've found him, and takes them to the computer monitors, where they've found security camera footage from across the street where Walter was taken. We see him being escorted into a loyalist vehicle, and Anil says they'll try to track him with traffic cameras. Peter says the thought unifier is crucial to Walter's plan -- in which case he should stop waving it around like he's hailing a cab with it -- but it's conceivable he could give them that information. In other words, Peter, who just awoke from the amber to a new world of threat and technology, has decided that the whole point of this device that they just discovered today might not actually do the one thing that it's supposed to do. One of the resistance dudes says Walter might be spilling even more than that: "Does he know you're a Fringe agent?" he asks Etta.

Over to the interrogation, where Windmark, judging from Walter's spasming face, is picking Walter's brain, looking to find out who freed him and his team from the amber, and why.

Then, suddenly, he stops, surprised: "You're partitioned. Someone gave you information out of sequence. They did this on purpose -- to protect something," he says. The music swells, and Walter starts to shake even more violently, moaning and grunting in pain. A close-up of his eye makes me wince when a blood vessel bursts, coloring the sclera red.

After the commercial break -- with the dried brown stain on a nearby column a little less mysterious and a little more sinister now -- Windmark is turning up the heat on Walter, who's looking increasingly frantic. Windmark wants to know who taught him to fragment his thoughts: "Was it an Observer, as you call us, who partitioned you? No one else would know how to do that," he says. He orders Walter to put the ideas together. Walter resists -- he's turning purple and bleeding profusely from the nose with the effort -- and Windmark notes Walter's fighting much more than he would have thought possible, but Windmark is still able to piece together, from the whispers that we can hear, that it's a plan, possibly to defeat them.

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