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The Sound of the Death of the Mind

"Walter Bishop, if only I had a unifier, I could unify these thoughts. I could go through the trouble to get one, but it would take weeks to break the biology key specific to your encryption," he says. I guess that's the Observer equivalent of when Briscoe and Logan explain to someone that they can get a warrant but that would take all day, so why not help them out?

Walter chuckles despite himself, but then Windmark leans in close, and laughing time is over! "That doesn't mean I will not get the information out. It will make it harder to get to it, but it will come out," he snarls. Walter's gripped in mental anguish again, and then we see flashes of a young Etta playing, blowing bubbles.

It's safe to say this isn't exactly what Windmark was expecting, and he presses Walter further, asking him who this little blonde girl is and how she could be helping them. But Walter passes out, spent.

Over at the resistance base, proud parents Peter and Olivia watch as Etta works the computer monitors, tracking Walter. "She's amazing, Peter. There's just so many things that I want to tell her and so many things that I want to ask her," says Olivia. God, she's going to go on Facebook and offhandedly brag about her kid in every status update, isn't she? Peter says it's like living a beautiful dream inside of a horrible nightmare, like LET OLIVIA HAVE A MOMENT BEFORE YOU CRAP ALL OVER IT PETER GOD.

Then Etta's found Walter, being taken into the Nepean building. "Anyone ever gotten in there?" asks Peter. Anil says no, but... and then he hesitates before saying they've been working on some tech. The other downer resistance guy, Klopinski, warns that it's not perfected yet. "It's tech which will make our bodies appear dead, impossible for the baldies to detect any life force," says Anil. Whoa whoa whoa -- "baldies"? There's no need for slurs.

An angry Klopinski says they've been saving it, because once they use it, then the Observers know they have it. "We could kill hundreds of them with this tactic. We could get in anywhere, including their headquarters. Why save one man with this?" he asks. Olivia's all, "Uh, the future?" and I imagine Klopinski's completely impressed that Olivia's already acting like she owns the place. Etta concurs with her mom, saying she believes that Walter's worth rescuing for his plan to defeat the Observers. Anil decides that saving the world is more important than killing their enemies.

An overhead shot shows us Central Park is now a utilitarian grey slab of concrete and machinery, before taking us to the Nepean building, where Etta pulls up in the van and tells the guard that Windmark wanted the bodies of these resistance fighters brought in. They open up the back of the van to unload the corpses, and the grim duty doesn't stop the guard from flirting with Etta: "I was wondering where you've been. It's always brighter when you're here." Etta smiles thinly at him.

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