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Dead Man Talking
or and sees Andrew Rusk over her shoulder, staring creepily and whispering "maya zvezdochka." She screams.

And somehow Lisa's mom is the first one in a hospital to get to the SCREAMING PATIENT, like what kind of joke clown hospital did they put this poor girl in, and Lisa is clutching one of the handicapped rails, repeating over and over that Andrew Rusk, the man in the picture was here.

And speaking of hallucinations, there's Charlie walking through the situation room at the Boston Federal Building with Olivia, who's explaining that they've searched the hospitals for Rusk and haven't turned anything up. "And Maureen Donovan won't let us near her daughter. She said that our disruptive presence is what caused Lisa to hallucinate, seeing Rusk's image in the mirror." Ghost Charlie points out that that doesn't exactly explain Lisa speaking Russian or knowing ICBM launch codes, but they're interrupted by a woman identifying herself as Teresa Rusk, played by Annie Parisse, also known as ADA Alexandra Borgia of Law & Order a few years back.

In an interview room, Teresa looks at a picture of Lisa and says she doesn't know who she is. "You think she had something to do with my husband's disappearance?" Olivia says they're not sure, but Lisa had information that only her husband would know (except for a bunch of other people on the Gloucester, I would like to point out). She asks if the words "maya zvezda" mean anything to her. "'My star.' It's a pet name Andy calls me," says Teresa.

Later, at Walter's freaky Harvard Lab of Knowledge That Should Not Exist, Walter is telling the gang that Lisa's aneurysm occurred in her left frontal lobe, specifically her Broca's area, which teacher's pet Astrid points out is the part of the brain that processes language (Astrid being the linguistics expert, through book-learnin', as opposed to Peter shagging his way through the United Nations). "Precisely. But it also has the capacity for something far more intriguing," says Walter, and he's awesomely set up the reel-to-reel projector to show an old film in which a much younger Dr. Bishop introduces us to an oddly flat-headed young man named test subject No. 6. Peter asks what happened to subjects one through five. Walter amusingly says he thinks the university settled with them out of court: "They probably never had to work again. Not that they could." And here's hoping that Peter's done with the Mystery Science Theatre shorts commentary.

While the film runs, present-day Walter explains that he was asked to design an experiment to test whether cranial manipulation could increase a person's psychic possibility, and his tests proved that manipulation of Broca's area had the most dramatic effect on a person's ability to create psychic bonds. "So you think Lisa Donovan's aneurysm made her psychic," says Peter, who also wants to know why, even if that's true, Lisa would be channelling Rusk: "What's so special about him?" Walter has no idea. Olivia wonders if Walter would be able to prove if Lisa's psychic. He says he'd have to examine her, but he's not allowed to. Astrid makes an excellent point: "After watching Walter's scariest home videos, who can blame her?"

We move on to St. Brigid's Church, where the sign board announcing mass times also displays Psalm 34:4 "I sought the Lord, and he answered me." Olivia stares at it for a moment until the bell rings and the churchgoers start streaming down the steps to the street. Olivia strolls over to Ms. Donovan, helping her daughter walk gingerly down the steps. Olivia asks Lisa how she's doing, and Lisa says "really tired, but good" and Ms. Donovan is much less friendly as she asks Olivia what she's doing here.

Olivia starts to tell them about the possibility of Andrew Rusk trying to communicate through Lisa: "We're not sure how or why, but it seems that there's a connection that's been developed between him and your daughter." Ms. Donovan isn't having any of it, and asks Lisa to give her and Olivia a moment alone and Lisa is spirited away by a priest who wants to introduce her to somebody.

Right off, Ms. Donovan says, "Are you a religious woman, Agent Dunham?" Olivia says she isn't. "Then I imagine you sit in judgment of those of us who rely on our faith to guide our decisions about what's best for our loved ones." Whoa! A little defensive, are we? Instead of saying, "No, I know how religious people hate to judge others," Olivia says she knows what faith can mean to a person, but she also believes what happened to Lisa is real, and she's worried about Rusk being a national security risk, but Ms. Donovan won't let her finish, and takes a step forward, all up in Olivia's business. "Whatever happened, Agent Dunham, it's over now. And I believe what's best for Lisa is that she put all of this behind her." Olivia smiles tightly, gives Ms. Donovan her card and asks her to call if anything else comes up, WHICH IT WON'T.

Walking away with her mother, Lisa smiles over her shoulder at Olivia, and she gets a sympathetic look from the priest as well, but he's more or less required to be friendly to everybody.

Back at Harvard, Olivia and Peter are drinking beer and looking through books and shooting the shit about religion and spirituality with Peter flipping through The Tibetan Book of the Dead, reading about how the "near-death experiencer can often converse with those who have already died," and he declares the book a "hell of a coaster" and plunks his beer down on it. He tells Olivia that he doesn't think Lisa's alive simply because God changed his mind, and Olivia looks up, waiting for lightning to strike Peter, but it doesn't, because I believe that's an upcoming storyline.

However, he's reserving judgment because he's not one to say. "However, until I see it with my own eyes, I'm gonna put my money on healthy scepticism," he says. Olivia says nothing, which Peter takes to mean that she's a believer. Olivia tells him that her mother believed in God, but all the praying in the world didn't stop her stepfather from terrorizing her. "And her faith just seemed to put her in harm's way. I'm worried that Lisa's mother is going to do the same thing," she says.

Olivia's phone rings, and she appears to have to push a dozen buttons just to answer the thing. It's an agitated Lisa Donovan crying that she's seeing Andrew Rusk. Olivia, all Andy Samberg as Mark Wahlberg is all, "Where's your mother?" as Lisa says her mom's at home, but she herself isn't: "I had to come here. I keep seeing this place."

"This place" turns out to be a junkyard, and Peter and Olivia sweep their flashlights around the stacks of cars, calling Lisa's name. Eventually, they find her, cowering and shuddering. "He was here," she says, talking about Andrew Rusk, and she says there was another man with a gun. She collapses to the ground and starts crying that this other guy shot and killed Andrew Rusk. Olivia asks if she knows the other guy or saw his face. She didn't but she's sure they were here.

Peter has already found a nine-millimetre shell casing in the dirt.

A short while later, the junkyard's awash in red and blue police lights, and Peter's wrapping a blanket around Lisa, telling her it's not the most stylish but it will keep her warm, and hopefully relatively hepatitis-free.

Olivia says she just talked to Lisa's mom, who's on her way. "Is she mad?" asks Lisa, and Olivia says no, that she's just glad Lisa is all right, and I think Olivia's assuming Lisa didn't mean, "Is she crazy?"

And then there's Charlie skulking around the cars, and he says, "Hey, Liv?" and he wants her to come see something, and Lisa wants to come too but Peter intuitively thinks that would be a bad idea and suggests she get in the car.

Charlie leads Olivia over to a car with a couple of forensic techs, who pop the trunk to reveal a dead body inside. Which means that they found the body, started checking it out, but then decided to close the trunk so they could dramatically pop it back open for Olivia. I love when TV shows do that. Anyway, it's Andrew Rusk, very dead.Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6Next





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