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Dead Man Talking

And right then Peter yells for Olivia as Lisa starts screaming. Olivia runs back to find Lisa in the throes of a seizure. Peter claims not to know what happened, but I think she's having some kind of reaction to his stank-ass blanket.

After the commercial break, Olivia tells Peter and Walter that the medical examiner confirmed Rusk was killed by a bullet wound to the head, and it wasn't a suicide. "So everything Lisa told us pans out," says Peter. Except for one thing, says Olivia: judging from the rigor mortis, Rusk has been dead for three days. "Well, then, how would he have been communicating with Lisa Donovan?" asks Peter. Yeah, that's right, because then THAT would be weird. Walter asks if the medical examiner was specific about the time of death, and Olivia says it was between five and seven a.m., which Walter calls "interesting."

Meanwhile, the doctor is telling Ms. Donovan, who's there with the priest from St. Brigid's that Lisa suffered a "fairly substantial" seizure but is responsive and stable now, and she's lucky that there's not likely to be any permanent damage. Ms. Donovan asks if it was because of the aneurysm, but the doctor says there's no connection between the two.

"I don't understand. You said she was fine, but she keeps getting sicker," she tells the doctor. Would you feel better if the doctor started talking about faith instead of facts, Ms. Donovan? The doctor says they're going to run some tests, but the cause of seizures is often unknowable. "You mean, this could happen again?" asks Ms. Donovan, but the doctor doesn't know.

Walter interrupts to ask Ms. Donovan what time her "resurrection" took place, and the priest is all "her... resurrection?" like maybe he thinks of himself as Jesus's copyright lawyer or something, and Ms. Donovan tells Walter that it was just after five in the morning, which turns out to be exactly as Walter suspected. He outlines his theory to Olivia -- who looks kind of uncomfortable to be talking about it in front of Ms. Donovan and the priest. Anyway, Walter thinks Rusk's murder and Lisa's rebirth happened simultaneously, and that it was Rusk's energy that "jumpstarted" Lisa's body and brought her back to life.

"That's absurd," says the priest, who, next Sunday, will perform a ritual in which he believes he will transform wafers and wine into the body and blood -- not symbolically, mind you, but literally -- of a man who died two-thousand years ago who he further believes was the human form of the son of an all-powerful being who made the earth in six days.

Walter doesn't say any of that, but acknowledges it does sound kind of out there and asks for a moment to indulge his fantasies, because "they often lead to a truth." He thinks Rusk's energy brought some of his memories with it, and those memories are fighting to get out.

"Are you suggesting that Lisa is possessed?" says an incredulous priest. Walter wasn't, but he is now, and he's getting a little more testy with the priest: "Now that you mention it, I wouldn't be surprised if numerous possessions were in fact misdiagnosed cases of a phenomenon we are just now discovering."

The priest is dismissive so Walter starts ranting about how he would be, since the church doesn't approve of exorcism anymore. The priest calls them superstition but Walter points out there are examples of casting out spirits right through the bible. And up to recent vice-presidential candidates!

Ms. Donovan interrupts to ask Walter if he can help her daughter, and I have to say that she came down from her "faith is the way" position really quickly. Walter says he needs to have Lisa transferred to his lab, and she gives the OK.

As the Fringe team leaves the hospital, Peter asks Walter if he thinks an exorcism is going to work, and he admits that he's not sure, because his explanation doesn't explain why she's sick. Really? The energy and memories from someone else invades a girl's body but the confusing part is why it would make her sick? Anyway, Walter admits that he's really just busting Lisa out because the priest made him angry, which is a good reason to remove the girl from medical care in a hospital not staffed by people recently released from mental institutions who have experimented with psychotropic drugs their entire lives.

Walter stomps off, and Peter tells Olivia that they need to go back to Ms. Donovan and come clean, but Olivia's thinking. She wonders if Lisa's sick because Rusk was sick and transferred his illness into her. Peter says she's the one who read Rusk's file, and asks if it said anything in there about illness. Olivia says no, but it was the Navy's official medical records, and Peter laughs: "Well, you know me. If you tell me the U.S. government is covering something up, I'll tell you it must be Tuesday."

Back at the federal building, Cmdr. Turlough has shown up, as per Olivia's request, and she gets right to the point and asks him why he didn't tell her Rusk was sick. Turlough plays dumb, and Olivia cocks her head and says nothing, and Turlough completely gives it away: "Who told you that?" and Olivia's all, "You did!" Sucker! You've just been Dunhamed! He hesitates about saying anything, and Olivia prompts him by reminding him that a young girl's life is at stake, so he tells her about the Gloucester shadowing a Russian naval exercise in North Korea when there was a reactor leak, and Rusk was locked in the engineering section for sixteen hours before they were able to vent the contamination. Olivia wants to know how Rusk could possibly have survived that, and I'd like to know how it is that he was exposed to that much radiation and didn't develop superpowers? Turlough babbles some sort of nonsense about a highly experimental radiation inhibitor. "I'm gonna need his medical records. The real ones," says Olivia, and Turlough looks at her all, "Well, since you're looking at me so sternly and everything, I guess I'll hand over the classified military documents."

At Walter's lab, the nervous scientist is considering faking a stomach illness to get out of trying to help Lisa, and Peter hands over the real medical file for Rusk, and Walter reads up on the radiation poisoning. "The radiation and the synthetic treatments they gave him. I'd wager that's what kept his energy from dispersing." Uh-huh. So Walter suggests they give Lisa MORE drugs, because of course he does. More drugs is always Walter's answer for everything! Ms. Donovan gets nervous when she hears Walter excitedly talking about "more drugs" and he explains that it's just to calm Lisa's conscious mind so that Rusk's energy can slowly and painlessly leave her mind. He tells Ms. Donovan he's going to give her benzodiazepine, which is actually quite pleasant: "Besides, your daughter is seventeen. I'm sure she's sampled far worse by now." Walter, you had her... and then you lost her. Astrid looks mildly scandalized.

But Ms. Donovan needn't worry, because Walter's got his best dropout con artist son preparing the syringe to stick in her daughter, who says it's nice to have someone not afraid of her. Peter asks what she means. "Well, my friends at church. When I walked past them, I could feel them all talking about me behind my back. Kids at school are even worse. Ever since what's happened, they think I'm like a freak or something." Wait, how much time has passed? Peter tells her that they're kind of partial to freaks in this lab.

Olivia strides into the lab and bellows out something about wanting to know how it's going, and I think she can be forgiven for thinking they're goofing around because Walter is MILKING GENE, for god's sake. And Lisa, who seems a little smitten with Peter, asks if Olivia is Peter's girlfriend, and Peter explains that she's like a "friend who's a girl. And who carries a gun." Which is kind of hot, actually.

And Olivia confers with Walter over the possibility of extracting Rusk's thoughts from Lisa's brain, and wonders if she'd be able to get Rusk to describe his last moments, because she wants to find out who killed him. He sucks back the fresh

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