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Monsters, Inc.

So Olivia's reading a Burlap Bear book to Ella -- like, nice to see Rachel's apartment hunting is going so well -- and Rachel comes in to say it's time for bed, and Ella whines and says this is the last book, which her mom reminds her is what she said about the last book, and then there's Olivia saying, "We're almost done," like, way to undermine your sister. "You two work well together. And I don't like it," says Rachel.

The phone rings, and Olivia's got the cordless in bed with her and Ella, and it's Peter, so Olivia assumes something's wrong, and he says there's not, and then he asks to speak to Rachel, which throws Olivia for a loop. She conceals her surprise, and Peter bashfully says it's something stupid and he can call back tomorrow if they're in the middle of something, but Olivia passes the phone over to her sister, who's all, "Yeah, did you remember it or not?" And then she's laughing, all, "Are you serious?" and walking away with the phone, and Olivia watches her go, like maybe Peter's calling Rachel because she sounds happy to hear from him instead of going all angel-of-death "what's wrong?" on him. And Ella has to ask her Aunt Liv to keep reading the damn book already, and Olivia continues on with the story of the Burlap Bear not believing there's a monster just down the road. "Aunt Liv? Monsters aren't real, right?" And Olivia, instead of saying, "Man, the shit I could tell you..." is all, "Of course not."

Quick cut to a bunch of animals in cages, monkeys and birds and rats, in a dark lab going completely bonkers. Four animal-rights ninjas wearing black and flashlights on their foreheads bust in and spray-paint the security cameras and open the animals' cages. Which I'm sure they appreciate. I mean, shouldn't these people be taking these animals with them? Instead of, "Here you go, chicken. Now you can run around the floor of the lab instead of staying in a cage in the lab"?

One of the activists is calmly spray-painting something on the wall, and refusing to be rushed by one of the other activists, who's worried that there's a backup system. "No, there's not," says the first guy. He tells the other one to finish up in there, and says he's going to go check out a door that has red light shining through the door's window. He smashes the padlock keeping the door closed and walks in, oblivious to a blinking red light and an alarm now going off. And I have to say that this seems kind of foolhardy to me. I mean, it's a lab with caged animals. The bigger the cage, the bigger the animal, right?

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