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Monsters, Inc.

After the commercial break, it looks like Charlie's been stablized or sedated, and Olivia's getting off the phone after discussing another sighting in a public park off Hawthorne, which is nowhere near the other places. There's no predictable pattern, says Peter. Olivia's phone rings again, and this time it's that Carl kid from MIT: "You said to call if anything came up, and I think maybe something might have," he says. We see him walking through his frat house, and fortunately he already has pants on this time. He tells her that this guy named Jonathan hasn't been in class for the last few days. "I don't know if he was friends with Chris or whatever, but he was into all that animal rights stuff, too. Anyway, no one's seen him." Olivia says she'll look into it, and asks for the kid's last name. "Swift. Jonathan Swift," says Carl.

Since Olivia's pretty swift herself, she heads over to Swift Research, ignoring the receptionist as she stomps right on past to find Swift talking to a couple of other researchers. "You lied to me," Olivia tells him. "You obstructed the course of a federal investigation into the deaths of five people." Olivia! Not in front of the other researchers! You're embarrassing him! Swift excuses himself so they can talk privately, and Olivia blasts him for not telling her his son was at MIT, and Swift says he's not sure how that's relevant. "Three of his classmates were torn limb from limb the other night, and he hasn't been seen since. I would say that that would be very relevant," she says. Swift says whatever happened, his son wasn't involved, but he does admit, under questioning from Olivia, that it's been a few days since he spoke to his son, adding that he's very busy at school, and Olivia says she thinks Jonathan found out about his dad's studies, and he and his friends broke in two nights ago. "But what he didn't know was that you do more than just test on animals. You create them. Dangerous genetic hybrids," she says.

Swift's heard enough and starts to walk away, telling Olivia that any further questions have to go through his attorney, so she switches from Angry Cop to Please Be Reasonable Cop, telling him the thing has already killed five people and infected an agent with its offspring. "Do you really want his death on your conscience? Now your son is out there, maybe injured, maybe infected, and I can help. But you need to help me, too," she says.

Swift's crying. "It didn't kill five people," he tells her. "It was seven."

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