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Monsters, Inc.

And later, Charlie goes home to his poor wife who has no idea her husband almost died, and she's in bed asleep and he gets in behind her and snuggles in and kisses her. "You feel good," she says. "So do you," he says, already falling asleep.

And Olivia heads back to her own place, where Rachel and Ella are asleep on the couch after reading Burlap Bear again, apparently. Olivia settles into her own bed and turns off the light, and closes her eyes. But the wind howls, and Olivia opens her eyes, turns the light back on, and goes back to sleep. It's worth noting that although we can't actually hear anything other than the wind, after the screen goes to black, the closed captioning says "[creature snarls]." Guess they thought better of throwing that in there.

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