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Monsters, Inc.

Olivia learns there was no identification on the bodies. "Maybe this is why," she says, holding up what Peter describes as a "Brockhage lockpick gun." His personal opinion is that they work great but are a little bulky for his taste, because Peter hates to waste an opportunity to remind everyone what a criminal he is/was. "Looks like these kids were out for more than a joyride," says Charlie. And then, for God's sake, Walter has just helped himself to a wrap or a sandwich or something that he found in the car, and when Peter freaks out about it, Walter sarcastically asks everyone to excuse his son: "He's been in a mood all day!" and naturally Walter's voice is muffled because he's got a mouthful of food that he filched from the smashed car full of dead bodies.

Olivia looks inside at the fast-food cups. "Four drinks," she tells Charlie. "Three bodies," he says. Well, maybe they took an extra cup to spit their chewing tobacco into. Broyles says the surrounding area was searched by canine units and no other bodies were found, so maybe one of them survived and got away. Charlie says he'll check the hospitals for people suffering animal attack wounds.

Peter, meanwhile, has finally made himself useful, and looks at the JG logo on the cups, and says they're from "Junkie Genie's," a fast-food joint by MIT. He says the food is crap but it's cheap and they're open late and always filled with undergrads. I'd hope that, what with these supposedly being militant animal-rights activists, that Junkie Genie's serves a mean veggie burger as well. Broyles says he thought Peter falsified his degree from MIT -- which is a chance for Walter to get in another dig at Peter not finishing what he starts -- and what I think is weird is that Broyles for some reason seems to think you need a degree from MIT to know what fast-food joints are around MIT. Olivia suggests going through the student database to see if they can identify any of the victims.

So next thing you know, Olivia's strolling up the steps of some frat house and knocking on the door. Yeah, all the animal-rights people I went to school with ate fast food and belonged to frats, too. The door's opened by some shrimpy guy who seems surprised to see the cougar at his door. He very much has a young Tom Cruise look to him, by which I mean he doesn't really look like Tom Cruise used to look, as much as how he looks like a younger version of the current Tom Cruise. If that makes sense. Even if it doesn't make sense, you're watching Fringe, so you probably like it anyway.

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