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Monsters, Inc.

Olivia comes in and asks Walter what he'd need to create a genetic hybrid, like specific things, so she can check to see if Robert Swift bought any of it, and Walter's checklist is as follows: Sodium bicarbonate. A house in the country. "Some Mahler for the late nights." And time, a lot of time. And then Walter wanders off, which is fortunate, because it saves Olivia from killing him. She makes an exasperated face at Peter, who says Walter's been like that all day. All season, actually, but I get what he means. Olivia asks Peter to try to focus him. "Focusing Walter is at the best of times just a matter of degrees," says Peter, like for once just a yes or no answer would be appreciated, and then he says he'll try. By which he means that he gets up and yells at his dad to come back "to the planet Earth" and to focus on something that isn't about him, for once. Walter, looking at a notebook, says he's worried that this is about him, about his work. He shows Peter the book he found in his old files, which is filled with drawings of hybrid animals, like a snake with spider legs. Peter waves Olivia over so she can have a look at it, and then he asks his dad if this is the creature. "No. But I fear it's quite similar," says Walter, explaining that he tried to make it 20 years ago. "Are you saying you created this?" says Olivia, and Walter says he didn't make this one specifically; his experiments were a failure.

Peter proceeds to rip Walter a new one, saying that he knew this was connected to his work and had information that could help them, but he kept it to himself. Meanwhile, Astrid stands by one of the dead bodies, covered up with a body bag, only something is moving underneath. Nobody notices but her, because they're too busy arguing. Olivia asks Walter who he was working with 20 years ago, and Walter says he was working with Kelvin Genetics then, but he can't remember any specific names.

Astrid finally gets everyone's attention with the moving corpse, and everyone rushes over Peter unzips the bag, only to find a mass of writhing larvae all over the torso. He thinks they're maggots at first, but Walter says they're larvae from the creature, and he orders Peter to get a petri dish so they can collect them. Just then the rib cage cracks open, spilling hundreds more out. "Make it a bucket," says Walter. Astrid covers her mouth and says she's going to be sick. Walter: "Two buckets!" Snicker. Olivia asks Walter how this is even possible, and Walter thinks about it for a minute, before deducing that the creature's stinger carries the eggs, transferring them to a suitable incubator. "What, you mean it plants the eggs when it stings you?" says Olivia, which Walter says is fascinating, and then Olivia finally realizes what everyone watching thought when we first sawy the maggots. "Oh, God. Charlie."

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