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I'm Looking Through You
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It's the middle of the night, and a very rough-looking Olivia goes to her medicine cabinet for a bottle of pills. She shakes it. Empty. Well, you really have no one but yourself to blame for putting an empty pill bottle back in the cabinet. Unless your adorable niece (do you have one in this timeline? I don't remember) is stealing medication to sell at school.

Olivia walks gingerly into an all-night pharmacy and goes over to the counter, where the pharmacist has her phoned-in prescription ready. He tells her it's her last refill, so her doctor will have to call in the prescription next time. Olivia says she was hoping she wouldn't need these anymore, as she gobbles a couple down. Yeah, the pharmacist hears that a lot, Olivia. Don't sweat it. Worse comes to worst you could always just get Walter to whip you up some new happy pills.

Walking home -- already looking more sprightly and less haggard -- Olivia passes by a diner, glances in the window, then does a double-take, and goes inside, because Lincoln Lee is sitting at the counter, having a cup of coffee. The clock on the wall tells us it's three in the morning.

"This is bizarre," says Lincoln, when he sees Olivia approaching, not that he's unhappy to see her. She says she was just on her way home and lives only a few blocks from here. He says he didn't know that, and then looks confused: "You're just heading home now?" Look who's talking, Mr. Not Heading Home Any Time Soon, Apparently. She says she was going for a walk because of migraine. "And you know, fresh air helps," she says, leaving out the part about getting horse tranquilizers at the drugstore. As for him, he says that as far as twenty-four-hour dining goes, this place is better than most, and invites her for a cup of coffee if she wants to join him.

So: sitting in a booth while Mazzy Star plays in the background (it's difficult to comprehend how a late night conversation between two people while Mazzy Star plays doesn't lead to sex, but here we are), Lee confides that he hasn't slept since he got here. As in Boston, not the diner. Well, have you tried a bed? Coffee at three a.m. in a diner doesn't usually put me to sleep either. He says he's having a hard time adjusting to a new city.

The look on his face suggests there's a little more to it than that. "You remember a couple weeks ago you asked me if I was..." he begins, and Olivia interrupts to finish: "Freaked out?" He says that just a few months ago he thought he understood the world they live in. "I mean, there were basic truths that I thought were, well, true. I used to sleep like a baby. Blissful ignorance."

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